Replica Blancpain Villeret Moonphase & Complete Calendar 40mm Mens Watch

“When the founder of the classic meter” ultimate vision is to watch, and even create awareness about the presentation time. Blancpain glory attributed to adhere to the mining time connotation as a starting point to explore the mechanical aesthetics after the release of the final return to the wearer’s position. Blancpain full calendar month, it is the embodiment of this idea, it has become a well-deserved “the most classic of the moon phase watch.”
Phases of the moon, ancient times. It used to be, or as a single function, or single calendar, double calendar binding, it appears in a variety of time on the meter. Until Blancpain creatively combine it with three calendar, moon phase watch really got internal system of life. Because the current timing system in general, and the moon itself is the decisive force. It runs on, week, month, day three concepts and units, followed by the formation, and to help us distinguish between track of time.

Therefore, the phase of the moon is “time” behind the scenes manipulator, time is running deduction from the sun and the moon, no moon and no time. Blancpain believes month phase appears on the dial, should guide three calendar indispensable, can be called the most classic moon phase watch. Quartz storm in the 1980s, Blancpain became the first modern combine full calendar and moon phases brand, and full calendar month, it was later that year that the guidelines of traditional mechanical watchmaking, side Win banner. Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch both classic moon phase, but also contains the industry sentiment.


The way in which the deep universe, it is a wonderful expectations: wrist time complete details of the process to attain, life’s regrets.

Both classic moon phase, is the classic Blancpain

Moon position in the understanding of “time” in order to complete the performance of the basic timing system – Blancpain watch full calendar month, first in concept, established what is a classic moon phase.

Any classic, are perfect parallel concept and skill; any classic, is a master of style creators. Blancpain watch full calendar month, with the brand’s most iconic aesthetic – elegant, harmonious. If you choose to watch with moon phase function, the vast majority of buyers will be the preferred Blancpain moon phase, it is because it has genuine meaning and status, but also include a brand favored by most people, signature style aesthetic elements

Double round bezel: round, three-dimensional, Smart
Lancet needle: thin; coherent subtle radian; let more light and light precision hollow
Serpentine blue steel hands: right, clear sky winding sense; fresh blue
Roman numerals: stable precious metal material texture; accompanied by elegant middle waist design
Table ear: simple, clean, ensure the integrity of the case; original brand hidden beneath adjustment
Head: elegant appearance; a clear sense of stalls, smooth operation.

Date ring a slight sag, forming an interlayer in its interior brand identity LOGO, and sunken, the separation of the month and the week around windows located on the semicircle, moon phase window corresponds occupy the same area under the semicircle. Phases of the moon face, a variety of vivid facial expressions to choose from.

Blancpain pointer can best embody the furnace. Hours, Minutes pointer already slim, but do hollow handle, and then let the light light; seconds finest longest fiber if the slightest, so the end of the added “JB” logo, in order to avoid too light “erratic.” A release of a collection, patchwork. A serpentine top blue steel hands, with “curved arc” process, the length of the date exactly fit the inside circle.

When the entire disk, because the orthodox harmony, it is one unforgettable, providing enjoyable, efficient and convenient to read.

In addition to the visible part of the perfect appearance of gloss case, clasp, scale, etc., for Blancpain, the meticulous polishing will occur in the interior, even for those “out of sight” is more seriously.

Internal parts polished, accurate travel time will affect the degree of durability and stability of the watch. Blancpain movement polished fully reflects the brand’s excellence, watchmakers inner corner outer corner of each small parts, the inner edge of the outer edge invariably meticulous hand-polished, chamfered many visible extremely complex. Chamfer grinding process, very particular craftsmen force, excessive force will cause deformation of parts, and lack of strength will lead angle is not obvious, it is not clear.

Blancpain movement has been limited to polish functional requirements, but rose to nearly artistic self requirements. Creative and aesthetic movement ornamentation polished, sophisticated movement to put a layer of gorgeous coat, through the sapphire back through, you can see the guilloche pattern blooming brilliant light.

Original technologies: practical and humane

Based on consideration of the practicality of the wearer’s wrist, Blancpain watchmakers, after imagination, research and development, patents and other fine-tuning and application process, developing a unique functional design.

Correctors means: In order to better present simple aesthetics, the original Blancpain adjuster hidden under the lugs of the present invention, in order to watch the achievements of clean, sleek lines shape. The wearer without professional tools, just lightly touched with fingertips to complete the calibration process.

Movement protection device: the conventional fast transfer calendar feature, you should try to avoid the 21:00 to 3:00 the next day, because the watch calendar mechanism is in operation, this time to adjust easily damage the movement. The Blancpain security protection system tuning, fast adjustment function can lock in this period, even if the mistake operation, the movement will not cause the slightest damage.


Long power: In order to facilitate the use of the wearer, Blancpain has been trying to extend the power of the moon phase watch is the first full calendar month on the function, to achieve a long power brand. Such as 6263, the first time with a double-barrel 100 hour-long power; 6639 is a power reserve of 8 days. In power, Blancpain has always been at the highest level of the industry, highlighting the humane considerations.

Blancpain with the top brands and most complete product line moon phase, moon phase models can reach 60 or more. This whole series is divided into classic full calendar month, women’s moon phase, moon phase complex three categories. A strong lineup, explained Blancpain moon phase watch on continuous efforts and progress, this is a major argument of choice Blancpain moon phase.

In addition, the origin and Blancpain moon phase also must be mentioned. 1970s, Swiss quartz storm swept the major brands have adopted the use of cheap, mass-produced quartz movement, reduce costs and improve productivity. As with any a revolution in the world, there are always those upstream. Blancpain believe that mechanical watch is irreplaceable.

This “irreplaceable” belief, prompting Blancpain questioning, mechanical timepiece of origin and glory of what exactly? In 1983, Blancpain found that in terms of development process, the phase of the moon plays a pivotal role. Born full calendar moon phase watch, to make the world realize that prolonged the charm of mechanical watches, traditional watchmaking provides a revival of faith and ideas. It appears full calendar month, opening up a new era of moon phase watch, become a classic master of time.

Complete concept of time, flawless process details appropriateness practical settings, complete rich family, moving deep origin – all these make Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch, become a well-deserved the most classic moon phase. When this 一枚 wrist count, meaning the years of regret vision.

If at the moment it happened a surprise decision, a successful …… his wrist, I will write it down for future commemorative and memorable moments ……

Any plan that contains a time dimension. Maybe a year, maybe the season, a month or a week, raised his wrist, I will understand, at what stage, how to adjust the pace to achieve ……

Time keeps pace, the universe is running. On the dial, ready to see the face of the moon, imagine running of celestial bodies, is a reminder – the individual on a more ambitious context, send ephemera in the world, one remote drop in the ocean .. Have come to, go go ……