Replica iwc aquatimer 2000 watches for man

The nations since 1967 launched the first Marine chronometer, divers wrist watch has become a indispensable members in our meter series. These watches can move feeling, energy and power, and is the best partner and land in the underwater adventures. Marine chronometer watch of wrist of 2000 automatic IW358001 collocation yellow with black dial pointer and scale new listings. The meter origins can be traced back to 1982 when specially made for mine clearance diver diving watches, by designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche design. With as deep as 2000 meters waterproof performance, Marine chronometer 2000 automatic watch is a ambitious professional divers and divers to build a professional diving equipment.

Specialized in design

46 mm in diameter of the titanium casing, inside and outside has the mechanical rotating bezel, inky dial, waterproof performance of up to 2000 meters.

Powerful heart

Wrist watch with the IWC IWC homemade 80110 type automatic chain machine, power reserve of 44 hours.

Motion appearance

Table of the bottom cover deep-sea divers decoration inscribed and black rubber strap, tie-in titanium pin type clasp, for the holistic movement of a wrist watch on the appearance of a pen.

Bold color

Shaft at the IWC IWC in Marine chronometer diver watch family launched ocean 2000 automatic watch will use the color combination of black and yellow.

2016 SIHH – The Replica IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches

In 1948 came the legendary watch watch Mark eleven deeply influenced contemporary classic pilot watch design. 2016, Swiss watch masters of IWC also presented an entry-level watch Mark eighteen pilot watch, equipped with calfskin strap or stainless steel bracelet.

Replica IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches:
Model IW327001 ∙ IW327002 ∙ IW327011


In 1941, the RAF found that most of their position is not accurate. One of the reasons are: the Royal Air Force to a lack of accurate precision navigation watch second support. By precision navigation watch can navigate with a sextant, which was the most accurate navigation. In addition, the cockpit a strong magnetic field and temperature variations also affect the accuracy of the time to go watch. Finally, the pressure inside the cabin plunged table mirror will break. This prompted the Royal Air Force Reserve to create the IWC Mark XI precision navigation watch after the war. The IWC at this time by the notorious “special watch for pilots ordered” and large-scale pilot watch. We watch in 1949 delivered a little soon to be sure: Mark XI seconds watch is synonymous with precision to precision navigation watch. This watch is precise, robust, temperature, waterproof, and easy to maintain. Watch a soft-iron inner shell, protect the movement from magnetic fields. Screw-table mirror will not be able to withstand sudden drop in air pressure release. In order to meet the core objectives, namely the absolutely accurately display the navigation time, While this “pure watch” overall streamlined appearance, because the tank has become the standard configuration of the cockpit display instruments. Watchmaker even gave up chronograph, because at the time, the use of any additional features will affect the accuracy of travel. While this watch’s design is simple, in fact, a design model, now is still a pilot watch blueprint. This watch production cycle of more than 30 years, from 1948 to 1984, and with many subsequent watches continuity. Mark XI is one of the top-quality watch collections of the most coveted.

2016, IWC IWC opened a new chapter. Three styles of stainless steel Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches (Model: IW327001 / IW327002 / IW327011) grand debut, carrying black (Model: IW327001 / IW327011) or silver (Model: IW327002) dial, their common features are: to streamline Core elements. Dial and display contrast, with perfect classical pilot’s watches are very close. Therefore, designers obtain from the 1930s Junkers Ju 52 cockpit dashboard inspiration is not surprising, it can definitely be called a classic aviator watch blueprint. Its big wide round display size, arranged in neat rows. From the birth of the future “cockpit style”: not too much, just right, all to clear clarity and layout as a reference. Arabic numerals huge rounded shape, each located at a predetermined position, but there are two exceptions: Digital white triangle sign “12” is marked on both sides with a point-like alternative to achieve at a higher resolution reading. “3 o’clock” position compared with date window – – trace modern or essential. Ju 52 watches engraved pattern bottom of the table. The wearer can choose between two different strap in. Both watches Santoni equipped stylish black calfskin strap (model: IW327001 / IW327002), the inside of the strap has orange leather lining. Watch the third paragraph with an elegant stainless steel bracelet (Model: IW327011). All Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches now also with a two-tone fabric strap to historic Nato strap as inspiration. In addition, each Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches launch a “Little Prince” Special Edition TOP GUN Navy air combat forces as well as series of watches.