Replica A. Lange & Söhne Lange 31 Limited Edition Watch

The black and white division symbolizes the unknown number of moments and brings enlightenment to this moment. At the same time, this moment is so fascinating. So changing, only gray to express the secret. Gray represents all aspects of life and encourages us to explore new horizons. After all, black and white is not necessarily clear.

The rich level of gray in Lange’s LANGE 31 dial in the show – the viewer can be in different under the light, the fine tours of different dark gray tones. British artist Sebastian Kite also draws inspiration to further explore this “no color” and the naked eye can not be completely identified nuances.

LANGE 31 with white 18K gold casting, through the sapphire crystal bottom cover, you can enjoy the elegant dial below the “miniature universe.” The movement consists of 406 parts, not only beautifully modified, but also contains superb technology. LANGE 31 is Lange first with 31 days power reserve mechanical watch. The patented constant power escapement ensures that every 10 seconds to the oscillation system to send equal power, so watch the exact operation throughout the month.

“The precision of this watch is almost impeccable, so I need to deduce from another perspective.”

In the end, the gray design of the LANGE 31 dial inspired the Sebastian Kite. In order to fully explain this tone, he produced a three-dimensional device, which has a metal frame, cable, mirror sheet.

Works: “Exploring the Gray Tour”
16 mm film negatives and texture changes make Sebastian Kite deeply fascinated, so he chose to explore this as a gray field of media. He was 1930’s camera is a soft spot:

“The LANGE 31 was driven by two gossamers up to 1.85 meters, and in order to pay tribute to this excellent technique, I decided to shoot with a manual winding Bolex camera.

For Sebastian Kite, this camera is an ideal tool for rendering a gray spectrum. To achieve the effect, he must get rid of the usual environment. He deliberately went to Kang and County, looking for the ideal background. Where the gap and the rough landscape exudes a surreal old meaning, people remember the old long time.

He placed the film image in a space device and presented a close relationship with the subject in another way. Nowadays, positive and negative reflexes contrast with the contrasting picture of the film, creating new images and subtle details. We witnessed the extremely fine tone changes, showing the depth and complexity of the gray spectrum in a test nature.

Landscape structure into a charming surface. Overlapping images and projections transform ancient landscapes into abstract geometries, forming countless gray tones. At this point, Sebastian Kite’s installation art gives us a tension like a cultural heritage. What do we expect to see? What do we actually see? This visual experience leads us out of the habit of perception, inspiring people.

“By chance, we can make a glimpse of the gray area.”

This device also shows the unexpected harvest: projection brightness will change according to the angle of viewers, walk between the actual situation. This precise and complex art scene is elusive in some moments.

Distorted images
Sebastian Kite to the outdoor pool of the overall effect of projection to the indoor exhibition, and then reflect, distort and integration with the LANGE 31, black and white between the various changes and colors, combined into a timeless aesthetic vision.
In every moment of life, past and future staggered, confused and clear opposition.
“In the face of these circumstances, we should be fearless, bold thinking of all aspects and nuances.