Enamel watches – Three Replica watches let you know

Lift the Enamel, I believe everyone is familiar with, its warm jade, bright as jewelry, fine features such as porcelain, get a lot of table fans alike. On the dial, you can be fired into pure color, you can also make precise filigree Enamel and painted in a variety of gorgeous patterns. Of course, the complicated production process, easily oxidized fade makes even more precious Enamel. Today we enjoy together with several Enamel material watch.


Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 series 5177BA / 29 / 9V6 watch

Watch Comments: simple and elegant is a major feature of Breguet classic series, narrow case, wide dial seems to allow us to touch the history of the eighteenth century, if history is a well-tested treasures. This is the heritage of the subtleties of the design right. Table diameter 38 mm and a thickness of 8.25 mm, Case is made with 18K gold, using polishing technology to make the case seem suffused with soft luster, and patterns adorn the sides to the coin. Enamel dial material because there is a wide enough visual space even more concise, but also reveal an elegance temperament, no wonder the history of celebrity favorite. Unique Breguet hands and Arabic numerals artistic character, but also for the law-abiding dial added some vitality, three o’clock is a date display window. Models equipped Cal.777Q movement, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Dark brown alligator leather strap so that the wearer a bit more calm, back through the rear cover can also enjoy the mechanical design of vibrant beauty.


Earl ALTIPLANO Enamel watch series G0A34241 watch

Watches Comments: Table diameter of 38 mm, crafted by 18K white gold, set with a circle around the case of the diamond. Case also uses a narrower design, which is drawn dial more performance space. Hand-carved patterns on the bottom painted black with a blooming flower in full bloom, “Tainan yellow banana white  Carter”, yellow and red flower petals on a black background is more eye-catching backdrop. With black silk belt, comfortable to wear but also to get the beauty of an art. Equipped with 430P produced by the movement, vibration frequency of 21,600 per hour, providing 43 hours of power reserve. Through this little yellow banana flower, can appreciate count Refining drawn on Enamel .


Jaeger-LeCoultre MASTER GRANDE TRADITION series Q50635SQ watch

Watches Comment: Following the solid Enamel dial and drawing Enamel dial, come together to enjoy this from the Jaeger-LeCoultre launched in 2014 Enamel watch with a mix and match style. Table diameter 42 mm and a thickness of 11.6 mm. Case using platinum. Pierced dial vividly presented the watch mechanism, and at the periphery of the dial, it is pure blue Enamel band ring, in a pure blue Enamel band printed with the timescale. Twelve o’clock is the power reserve display panel, three o’clock is a date display panel, the six o’clock is the month display panel, nine o’clock is the moon phase display window and week display panel. Blue pointer with blue Enamel disc echoes. Models equipped with 876SQ movement, providing power storage 192 hours. Provide 50 meters of water depth.

Summary: From the beginning of the 18th century, beautifully complex Enamel will show their charm on the dial of this small space, to date, Enamel is still widely used in major watch manufacturer, enough to see the fans to watch It’s the degree of love. Whether it is a solid color Enamel plate, or painted Enamel , or mix and match styles, or filigree Enamel , different people have different love and pursuit, but also hope that today’s recommendation to make you find that their favorite one.

Getting an Annual Bonus – Replica Rado DiaMaster watches

Replica Rado watches DiaMaster series sweep second hand Year 2015 was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award, is the award-winning Rado icing on the cake.


Replica Rado DiaMaster series second hand watch is a unique large classic gentleman style watch: has two overlapping sub-dial on the dial, a display hours and minutes, another display seconds. Striking 43 mm dial with luxurious texture of embossed leather strap, the classic fashion firmly tied to the wrist.

Replica Rado DiaMaster series of big second hand watch not only have superior appearance, but also demonstrates the Rado for material control. DiaMaster drill Pa series sweep second hand watch case crafted from the iconic Rado high-tech ceramic material plasma from the material by the Rado first used in the watchmaking industry.

Material Master

In the Rado high-tech ceramic plasma process, the white ceramic components have been placed in a plasma formed a special furnace at temperatures up to 20,000 ° C after the gas is activated to change the molecular structure of the material surface to the surface exudes a unique The metallic luster. In this cutting-edge technology, a shining metallic luster Rado retains all the advantages of high-tech ceramic materials – easy to wear, lightweight, hypoallergenic. Plasma dazzling diamond case surrounded DiaMaster large second hand Pa series chic big dial watch, not only make the watch itself, and even more show the unique qualities of the wearer.

Following the Rado high-tech ceramic HyperChrome Opteron-series touch dual time zone watch in 2014 won three awards in a row after the year 2015 Good Design Award is Rado recent gains in the fourth design award.

About Rado

Rado watch brand is world-renowned for its innovative design and its revolutionary use of materials known, aims to create easy to wear watches. Novo in Switzerland from the beginning of creation, Rado pioneering spirit always have, to date, still uphold “If we can imagine, that can create; if we create, that is able to achieve” brand philosophy.

The focus is on the design of Rado integral to the success of a major factor, the brand’s unique industrial design has so far received over 30 international awards recognition. Rado has been focused on product design and its features easy to wear, is committed to using distinctive revolutionary material, to create long-lasting shine watch.

About Good Design Award

Good Design is a renowned long-term annual design awards, co-organized by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European architecture, art and research center of the city. The iconic award in 1950 by renowned architect Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. founded in Chicago. GoodDesign covering Europe, Asia, North America and South America a new design and production of consumer products.

How to choose replica men watches

Fake_watches_for_man Replica_watches_for_manMost men’s watch better reflect his heart, they are in a man, like jewelry of the woman, a small return is small, but definitely reveal inner finishing touch – “Yomiuri Shimbun,” Japan has been so analyzed men: If you do not wear a watch only with a cell phone to see time, wear a fashion statement The men do not study the details and fashion; shiny yellow diamond section by adding alligator strap, no matter how low-key, can not conceal my heart sinking heart outbreaks; German table fans mad is not technology Neixiu off ; like to wear those who have been in the “New York” magazine back cover advertising watch and gentlemen, to talk about it at a level of literary thought Haruki Murakami; and? Ah, he almost certainly had been a little one. If Che Guevara in Bolivia as naked as the miners from the forest in the name of the guerrilla, his backpack while still stood four Rolex, in short, men seem difficult to conceal in their hearts desire on the table, even.

In reality, most China men’s understanding of the dinner table continues to be in something such as “German autos Japanese cars has to be not good,” the main point and the like, three frequent faults: A, just take a look at promoting and value to buy the table; B, only take a Desk liable for all occasions for enterprise and sport and leisure; C, only sporting a watch is not maintained. ” CEO mind about when you should start in the BMW 7, do GAY they should wear earrings similar, just take it as a distinction Wealth class mark it, there are many men implicitly that they buy watches simply because “it must afford with my identity.

One more reason to purchase is in fact extraordinary, “designer watches can value,” gentlemen stubbornly assume that this coming year, offering 150,000 Blancpain, the new year increased to 180,000, which can be called appreciation. Each time I hear an identical verdict, I quite definitely uncertainty they are in their own individual sector how to become an excellent man or woman, certainly politics business economics textbooks in senior high school, possessed advised us in monochrome: Often choose to ignore, even though the price is not equal to the value, why do we encounter a watches? You must feel something is impossible watches -90% admiration, tend not to think it, kindly visit the pawnshop Macau casino queen area, where there are a myriad of sparkly crystal timepieces, purity approaching new value will probably be reduced adequate to keep you pleasantly impressed: mostly in the authentic cost of 5-6 collapse.

Compared to the price discussion table, I have always been more concerned about the watch itself is a process and practicality, because of this reason. Many years ago, I had because the image is described in literature, stubborn finds vulgar Rolex’s choice, thus firmly opposed to the home of the men have either one. Put aside solely for beautiful decorative design made, but you’ll double Kif shock absorbers, automatic lubrication of the red wheel, carefully cut corners, polished screws and plywood them far beyond the high-profile sibling watches found that manufacturers of sincerity, even though but after the movement of the cover design really learn to appreciate later, I began to slowly its pragmatic design and technology of the conquered – though it’s not automatic Tuo 24K gold, no fine concentric heliocentric tile pattern, no gold jacket barrel.

I began to recommend the Rolex Oyster watch sloppy to all men, because after the facts verified in my husband all the tables, only washing machine that can withstand the test of torture and saunas, and at four In the case of unwashed oil may also maintain the accuracy of travel time since then. In stark contrast to a section calendar, just because he was presumptuous to want to forget the spring after adjustment at the time, this table is immediately returned to Switzerland gloriously factory for repair for six months. In other words, if you really do not want to serve watches carefully, it is still a solid ruggedness of the table, more in line with your daily needs.

Not all man is prepared to discover the world beneath the cover, many of them enjoy to judge be it worth to buy a watch through the call appearance and cost. A sales director King’s table row once told me, thought the men would prefer plain steel watches, but the sales performance table, white gold and diamond watch always occupy a prominent position. Specifically center-older males are committed, they may decline at hand sporting a band establish with gemstones, it is uncommonly ready to make glimmering gemstones all around over the whole bezel. According to the survey, “Fortune” done before, most Chinese men who buy precious metals purpose drill table and the table is preserved, but perhaps they do not know, those diamonds set on the dial to labor charges, chances are also more expensive than diamond itself – yes, the vast majority of watches are inlaid .01 karats of diamond pieces around, and their price will be between 10 yuan -20 yuan. SO, in order to hedge against inflation through appreciation diamond watch, it really is a fantasy.

And side by side with it, despite Germany’s reputation in the market table is far less than the Swiss watch, but watch the players often give them a very high praise. concise, clean and influence, most adored Swiss timepieces large ornamental carvings hard enamel diamond desk found in Germany, but in the movements of technology and design, Lang fantastic technology and the ideal fingers and Glashütte brand names like grid, but can absolutely be called high quality, due to the fact commercial design and style in Germany by Bauhaus influence. When I first saw the movement in almost perfect Glashütte 100 3/4 plywood, gooseneck tuning, when gold sleeve sun and fine grain polished, almost immediately abandoned another widely acclaimed men Swiss watch, switch it home embrace – because without him, the movement of skilled high a grade, the price was only their 2/3 price is too high.

Naturally, in lots of people’s eyes, a complex function of mechanized designer watches is utterly superfluous, obviously is 50 yuan electrical type can get the function, why commit thousands and thousands of hundreds of thousands to accomplish? In their look at, moon stage dining tables like a pirate online game props, the time the lower right spot of your computer display screen increase calendar, in addition to their cries have Xianxin add up chink a couple of about three inquiries, and will not click the button Casio timekeeping, listen pay attention to “Beijing is now the idea by x minutes or so.” In this regard, I can only repeatedly explained: the beauty of watches, not that it’s accurate and functional, but that its exquisite artistic mechanical arts. As the photo can not replace the painting, digital cameras can not replace film cameras, most of the luxury, do not go up from the usefulness of research which meets the cost.

After shared with a buddy asked me to recommend a table to look at this sort of joke: do not require also be aware of the kitchen table, just have a look at their advertisements, you understand who in practice exterior work, that are playing a gimmick – it includes particular concentrate on “Switzerland” within the company, probably some remorseful conscience; attractiveness movie star endorsements, the motion mostly inexpensive ETA method. Better get away if the poster inlay otherwise stated how many diamonds or sapphire using a class. Watch course almost never will these additional decor as a selling stage, probably the most in the corner of the poster with a little font publish “work schedule”, “moon period”, “Tourbillon.” Shanghai air-port terminal where big Watch advertising and marketing is the ideal instance: that this earlier mentioned kitchen table is frequently only the physique itself, as well as the preliminary textual content is likewise inadequate complicated characteristics, this can be about the Watch manufacturer heritage has long been a secret arrogance.

Actually, the actual watches, frequently search for very low-essential, does not want individuals to be able to immediately identifiable, and therefore low-skilled in the eye of people, instead of too much level of recognition. One time i jokingly mentioned that contra–corruption specialist on microblogging authorities forewarning of the dinner table, no more than determined in accordance with the entry-level designer watches call shape and Company logo. The most classic example is the Patek Philippe, it never Tourbillon hollow on the surface, and rarely in the table who do BLING BLING design that most people first saw it in 3939 when the three asked Tourbillon, not too can distinguish the difference between it and the hand chain on 3919 models – except the left there was a three asked the slider, both almost exactly the same, but the price difference of a full 60 times more. If you are Snowden second database can be searched on the Internet for all, can not find their information, and hidden in the Jura valley of those independent watchmaker’s work, often it is a one table, even.