Pay attention to the advanced technology of LADIES WATCHES

The decorative technology of the wrist watch, has always been a very important part of Haute Horlogerie, only one fusion watch craftsmanship timepieces are eligible to be called art. The small square dial is infinite space of art masters of art, those complicated and varied enamel, gold carving, shell carving, micro-painted craft, mosaics …… some ancient tradition, some innovation in art Cherish the master, always showing spectacular wonderful scene. At the same time, because it is purely handmade creation, so, as a work of art, decorative watches can not be copied, because the price of rare and expensive. And perhaps because women are more likely than men to be attracted to art, decorative watch, most female form again.

Top technology for fusion

Because the process can be completed top-level master craftsman rare, so the integration of a top technology watch has also been very rewarding, but can be two or more top technology integration in a watch, the more difficult is the plus difficult. This happens in haute process is often seen wonderful watch. For haute watch, craft masters are always reluctant to disappoint.


Bulgari-watches- Il-Giardino-Lariano

18K rose gold case, bezel set with diamonds, diameter of 37 mm. Gold dial, fusion engraving, micro-painted, mosaic and other technology, the 6 o’clock position veneering tourbillon. Brand homemade BVL 236 automatic mechanical movement, 64 hours power reserve. Crocodile leather strap. ID: 102343.

Bulgari new artistic garden series is not only the creation of a number of series of gorgeous jewelry, but also introduced a variety of artistic craft of haute watch, only IL GIARDINO LARIANO watch is one of them. It is inspired by Lake Como, graceful swans in the snow against the sky mosaic noble and graceful, with a pale pink feathers on a gray-blue gradient Tahitian mother of pearl inlay in the water, full of glory. Creation of the whole picture, integrate a variety of craft techniques, within the gold dial base fill enamel golden eagle carving out grooves. On this basis, the sky snowflake diamond inlaid mother of pearl inlay lake, swan shape of micro-painted gradient. Finally reached the screen effect.


18K gold case, bezel set with diamonds, 42 mm in diameter. 18K gold dial, 22K gold metal beads fusion process, shell carving, enamel. Automatic mechanical movement, alligator strap, individually numbered, limited edition 40.

Orchid is an important sign image Cartier, orchids only watch Cartier Cartier various fusion processes. Cartier is the first ancient tradition of innovative technology for the metal beads background, then the natural mother of pearl carved out orchid image and metal beads decorated, last orchid flower in red enamel baked. Indeed, three orchids three top technology.

Innovative technology exclusive fight

In watch decoration process, in addition to ancient handed down common enamel, sculpture, and other traditional crafts will be micro, there are some with the development of watchmaking, and full of innovative forms of technology, these processes debut , always amazing, praise craft masters whims and craftsmanship. At the same time, these innovative processes have become unique skills each artistic creation.

Haute watch, decorative watch to the number that best display quality and content of the wearer. Although it is a complex process, dazzling gem, but a confusion between the realm of art, it is the exit of a small look at the aesthetic mood of the wearer, the wearer is another world.

Replica Bvlgari DIAGONO MAGNESIUM watches – Design underlines the strength

As Bvlgari classic men’s watch DIAGONO series, has been released from their quality, filling the core design principles of the brand: contemporary avant-garde, classical cities, bold breakthrough in the seemingly contradictory finding the perfect balance of conflict, presented the city the Variety gentlemen, meet their multifaceted needs. This series has a classic DIAGONO CALIBRO 303, DIAGONO Tourbillon and other bead front, 2015 Bulgari has introduced two new watches are strong: breakthrough innovation and new Diagono Magnesium watch diving watches Diagono Scuba, for the legend series Adds perfect footnote.


Uphold the tradition of bold ideas, Bulgari has the courage to break the authority, in stark contrast with the existing conventions, Diagono Magnesium Series concept watch re-established Bulgari unique style, the first in watchmaking keen “communication” watch design theme found a breakthrough. When a large number of branded products hovered between many functions but slick device looks more like a video game but watch items, Diagono Magnesium watches opposite, draw a line with the current trend, the continuation of the treasure Bulgari surprisingly, excellent and innovative brand positioning. In this day and communicate with each other, blurring the boundaries of the world, Pioneer this to life when the count can meet daily wear required in the future.


Crafted to give the material a perfect shape, and then give it fresh life by calcination or melting. Top Italian jeweler Bulgari BVLGARI artistic charm of being in the elements of the control and sublimation. The count is so high-tech one grown out perfect outcome when DiagonoMagnesium pioneer.


Watchmakers have the skill to explore the mysteries of time measurement. 130 years Bulgari continued tireless innovation and creation, with extraordinary skill always walk in the forefront of the times. Today, a new milestone standing proudly: Diagono Magnesium watch. This distinctive watch highlights strong urban contemporary, both perfect design and superior performance. Diagono watches can always surprise you, see the magic in dull place. As a sports watch that magnificent style, fashion and moving. An elegant as the count, Diagono watch fearless.


Such duality does not mean lack of principles, but a great example of flexible, which is a source of inspiration presenting fresh, it is like to nurture its bicultural praise: extraordinary precision and Italian art of Swiss watchmaking creative genius.

Facing new challenges: This is the driving force Diagono watch forward. Inspired by Myron “Discus Thrower” Myron was a sculptor and bronze Carpenter ancient Greece Attica, and “Discus Thrower” is undoubtedly his most famous work. Thus, “Diagono” In particular from Old Greek “agon” name. This ancient word meaning “competition” and “efficiency.” Diagono watches exhibited by quality and brute force or presumptuous, but rather to be consistent with the rules of the sport: only accurate, Fang was elegant posture.

DiagonoMagnesium watch uphold the tradition of innovation, bold and unexpected, very dynamic, very creative, never showing off fashion and modern urban aesthetic. One of the 1998 advent of BVLGARI Bulgari Diagono watch series is the first to use aluminum and other materials of the watch, and there was such a lightweight wear-resistant metal is the preferred material of aeronautical engineers. It makes the situation of international watch industry produced a dramatic change in the design community sparked upheaval, and is favored by celebrities. Around the world, large passenger plane fuselage inkjet color Bvlgari logo and image Diagono watch, which at the time was the world’s first absolute bold. Next, the first decade of the 21st century ushered in the era of titanium. Bvlgari more boldly to meet new challenges and gained new success. Rubber strap also pioneered by Bulgari. If not, Bulgari, who first in the world? For time and solemn respect for the beauty of the conservative watchmaking sector is concerned, all this as a revolution, but keen on style, fashion and design in the eyes of beach-goers, Bulgari become a symbol of bold personality. Review – A Potentially Sizable Replica Watches Online Shop

I have kept on the Google search site on a daily imitation brand watches, also had bought several watches on top. If you do not mind the quality, focus only on the appearance of the logo, just a website that can make you very productive. But we can not buy things so casually, we should pay more attention to quality! Well, I’ve been looking for a reputable high quality watch website, now we take a look at review:

First, the more special black site templates jumped into my eyes, so let see too much the White watches website I feel particularly fresh. Although the site is relatively simple, but there is one advantage is that the layout is very intuitive, so browse around is a breeze. You can see them on the left brands, most of which are divided into collections. They on shipping, payment and other policies are not hard to find, on the SHIPPING menu bar. Opening we can see a detailed description of their transport and return, this behind us again, we take a look at their product page.

Just open an IWC watch, here I must say that many brands this site, there are good and bad, people are not easy to find a popular brand, but offers more choices.

Which provides a 8 High-definition pictures without a watermark. Even if the picture a little too crowded, but the picture has a good consistency, so I do not think these photos are from other sites “borrowing.” In any case, pictures are not very descriptive, I also like to see action, unfortunately unavailable photograph. A description of each site is also similar. But the price is lower than other stores that product the following are “CUSTOMERS WHO BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT ALSO PURCHASED …”, in fact, similar products.

Overall, I don’t think is this the best site to buy a replica watch, but this replica watches site has great potential, might be considered a replicas of the site is a reliable one is real. If so, it is worth considering a site, because of its low prices. My advice is to be careful before ordering anything here, be sure to promptly contact the staff actually made a purchase. If you have questions about the experience of this website, please leave your comments below, because I’m curious to know what this site is all about. Until next time, do not forget to look at my watch comment.


2016 SIHH – The Replica IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches

In 1948 came the legendary watch watch Mark eleven deeply influenced contemporary classic pilot watch design. 2016, Swiss watch masters of IWC also presented an entry-level watch Mark eighteen pilot watch, equipped with calfskin strap or stainless steel bracelet.

Replica IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches:
Model IW327001 ∙ IW327002 ∙ IW327011


In 1941, the RAF found that most of their position is not accurate. One of the reasons are: the Royal Air Force to a lack of accurate precision navigation watch second support. By precision navigation watch can navigate with a sextant, which was the most accurate navigation. In addition, the cockpit a strong magnetic field and temperature variations also affect the accuracy of the time to go watch. Finally, the pressure inside the cabin plunged table mirror will break. This prompted the Royal Air Force Reserve to create the IWC Mark XI precision navigation watch after the war. The IWC at this time by the notorious “special watch for pilots ordered” and large-scale pilot watch. We watch in 1949 delivered a little soon to be sure: Mark XI seconds watch is synonymous with precision to precision navigation watch. This watch is precise, robust, temperature, waterproof, and easy to maintain. Watch a soft-iron inner shell, protect the movement from magnetic fields. Screw-table mirror will not be able to withstand sudden drop in air pressure release. In order to meet the core objectives, namely the absolutely accurately display the navigation time, While this “pure watch” overall streamlined appearance, because the tank has become the standard configuration of the cockpit display instruments. Watchmaker even gave up chronograph, because at the time, the use of any additional features will affect the accuracy of travel. While this watch’s design is simple, in fact, a design model, now is still a pilot watch blueprint. This watch production cycle of more than 30 years, from 1948 to 1984, and with many subsequent watches continuity. Mark XI is one of the top-quality watch collections of the most coveted.

2016, IWC IWC opened a new chapter. Three styles of stainless steel Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches (Model: IW327001 / IW327002 / IW327011) grand debut, carrying black (Model: IW327001 / IW327011) or silver (Model: IW327002) dial, their common features are: to streamline Core elements. Dial and display contrast, with perfect classical pilot’s watches are very close. Therefore, designers obtain from the 1930s Junkers Ju 52 cockpit dashboard inspiration is not surprising, it can definitely be called a classic aviator watch blueprint. Its big wide round display size, arranged in neat rows. From the birth of the future “cockpit style”: not too much, just right, all to clear clarity and layout as a reference. Arabic numerals huge rounded shape, each located at a predetermined position, but there are two exceptions: Digital white triangle sign “12” is marked on both sides with a point-like alternative to achieve at a higher resolution reading. “3 o’clock” position compared with date window – – trace modern or essential. Ju 52 watches engraved pattern bottom of the table. The wearer can choose between two different strap in. Both watches Santoni equipped stylish black calfskin strap (model: IW327001 / IW327002), the inside of the strap has orange leather lining. Watch the third paragraph with an elegant stainless steel bracelet (Model: IW327011). All Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches now also with a two-tone fabric strap to historic Nato strap as inspiration. In addition, each Mark XVIII Pilot’s watches launch a “Little Prince” Special Edition TOP GUN Navy air combat forces as well as series of watches.


The rapid development of today’s society, a lot of product replacement fast, in this environment, the watch will show that its unique charm, like Patek Philippe advertising, as you watch your child will be left gift. A good watch, if properly maintained, spend a few years there will not be problems, the following would you recommend several durable watches.

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual new generation

This table is the first self-winding chronometer certification waterproof watch, with instantaneous jump calendar Sunday, while the surface of the small window shows the date and write the whole week. In accurate, reliable, and easy to read style all aspects are outstanding While this extraordinary masterpiece, laying its exalted status. Numerous heads of state, leaders and vision disabilities, had a history of wearing Rolex Day-Date, the champion in table altar. Heads-type strap straight people think of the name of prominent figures wear it, so Day-Date has become a veritable “Heads-type watch,” second to none.

Replica Omega Seamaster 300 watch

Watch has a connotation of excellence, equipped with the new 8400 “to attain coaxial movement” Inherit the coaxial movement has always been accurate and reliable, and the use of Omega revolutionary anti-magnetic technology. So superior quality give the Seamaster 300 watch unmatched pioneering advantage. Omega Ceragold ™ technology is also much attention, this applies unique skills polished bezel can bring exquisite and smooth feel to watch. Watch case unique places Sedna ™ gold to build this unique Omega 18K rose gold alloy so watch presents unique CLS.

Replica  IWC Big Pilot’s Watch heritage

Inheritance of large-scale pilot watch case diameter of 55 mm, and in 1940 a large pilot watch exactly the same. This eye-catching watch only limited 100, will become the beloved authentic pilot watch collectors and enthusiasts. Limited edition of 1,000 pieces of large-scale pilots heritage watch case diameter of 48 48 mm, slightly smaller, but more suitable for everyday wear. Both watch not only the size of astonishing, given its unique appearance makes the watch connoisseurs rapid heartbeat. From the design of the dial and luminous digital color, shape and the pointer to the propeller cone crown, to the historic charm of the leather strap, the watch looks like after a flight through time back to the pioneer era, but highlights the modern IWC IWC virtuosity.

Replica Panerai on the 3rd power reserve watch

The new Radiomir 1940 3 Days 3-day power reserve watch is also equipped with a stop exquisite balance wheel system, simply pull the winding crown, the balance wheel stops vibration, while the small seconds at 9 o’clock on the disc Also running-zero seconds, so watch the time to adjust to the timekeeping device is fully synchronized. P.1000 movement entirely by Panerai watch factory located Bendict Tyre independent research.

2016 SIHH First Look – Three Watches For You

Swiss watch industry again recession ended in 2015, despite the Swiss franc euro decoupling, the top table Patek Philippe and other start to turn the tide of price, Apple wisdom table off the table a smart meter industry to follow suit, but in the end was unable to force anti-China sumptuary caused sales gap. And by the Richemont Group, led by the Geneva Watch Fair SIHH 2016 first coming on the 18th stage, a more classic, more top show the ultimate luxury, consolidate the original pyramid demographic.


Replica A.Lange & Sohne Lange 1815 TOURBILLON HANDWERKSKUNST 18K rose gold watch

1815TOURBILLON combination is the first stop-seconds mechanism and tourbillon watches Lange zeroing devices. German “Handwerkskunst” word construed technology, Lange since 2011 for special limited edition watch dubbed this title, the dial and movement are exquisite fusion modification and engraving techniques. This match diameter 39.5 mm 18K rose gold case watch a special edition, limited edition of 30. To commemorate Ferdinand Adolph Lange ‧ 200th anniversary of the birth of the brand in this year unveiled its fifth HANDWERKSKUNST watch, pay tribute to the pioneers of precision watchmaking in Saxony.

Replica Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet  Royal Oak gold perpetual calendar watch

Replica Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet Royal Oak gold perpetual calendar watch

Once as the world’s first stainless steel material to build luxury watches, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak precious metal used in decorative craft build steel case. Thereafter, after the Royal Oak watch deepening research in the field of materials can be widely used: such as platinum, carbon fiber, Alacrite super alloy, copper, rubber, ceramic, titanium and tantalum metals. This year, Audemars Piguet launched the Royal Oak with gold to create. And into the calendar function of this complex, you can see the weekly calendar, day, date, precise moon phase, month, leap year, hours and minutes, etc. on the dial.

Clifton 10278 Chronograph complete calendar
Clifton 10278 Chronograph complete calendar

Replica Baume & Mercier Baume & Mercier Kerry Washington series full calendar Chronograph

This table includes a full calendar chronograph with two functions. Kerry Washington series full calendar chronograph extend the brand philosophy: just watch indicates the time, it is a symbol, the interpretation of our lifestyle, the birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other precious moments permanent retention. Watch both the wearer and the time to maintain a perfect bridge, it is a faithful reflection of self. The Kerry Washington series full calendar chronograph especially for the pursuit of unique style, elegant and classic and yet modern style of men’s design.

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 mm watches

Lately, Rolex released a new technology of Oyster Perpetual Day-Date for this esteemed wrist watches in to the new design, for example the 40 millimeters circumstance, and lay the timepiece a fresh normal of functionality in 3255 a whole new sort of mechanized activity . Rolex launched inside the later 1950s, the “leading observatory chronometer”, set altar desk situation, the latest Day-Date is the next stage, and its particular reliability in comparison to the Swiss Observatory certification count more than two times.

The aesthetic style of the new Day-Date heritage with this exciting watch alterations throughout the years, for example the fine and midst ear canal casing scenario, wide clear call, and heads of condition-variety straps. Heads-kind bracelet in 1956 specially generated for the Day-Time, now remodeled to really make it more incorporation together with the Oyster case. The latest Day-Date with 950 platinum, 18 ct rare metal, white golden or rose rare metal eternity fashion, together with many different innovative new call, total of the essence in the re-understanding.

All along, the Day-Date is in gold or platinum casting, is a sign of excellence and fame, but also a symbol of Rolex’s top watchmaking. 1956 release throughout the day-developed depending on the a few pillars of Rolex. This dinner table is definitely the very first water-proof self-winding COSC watch, with immediate bounce work schedule Sunday, whilst the little windowpane within the dial displays the day and publish a full 7 days. Inreliable and accurate, easily readable, and all sorts of facets of type, this incredible work of art are excellent, the building block of its exalted reputation. Several heads of leaders, vision and state issues, possessed a record of putting on Rolex Day-Date, the altar desk champion. Heads-type band straight people think about the name of well known statistics use it, to ensure that Day-a veritable “summit-type watch,” first rate.

Most recent Working day-by Rolex created a fully new era of 3255-variety movements, displaying excellent level of accuracy watches. Rolex case right after construction, yet again only COSC chronometer examined to make certain its accuracy and reliability compared with COSC chronometer for each day use common than twice. Following put together watches, methods and high-technology equipment will focus on Rolex wrist watches final accuracy and reliability of detection.

This self-winding technical movements can serve as the pinnacle of watchmaking. This has only 14 patents activity, in accuracy, strength arrange, shockproof, anti-magnet, reliability and convenience are incredibly great in all of the features, excellent show of incredible Rolex technologies. This configuration Rolex activity Chronergy new design and style patent process. The latest escapement made from nickel efficient, phosphorus and reliable but additionally from magnet interference.

Equilibrium golf swing system will be the coronary heart of watch elements, by using a Rolex patent glowing blue Parachrom, manufactured from a unique alloy casting this gossamer to Rolex, the remainder from magnetic disturbance, seismic power is 10 times over typical gossamer. Furthermore, excellent efficiency from the new structure from the barrel and escapement, so 3255-type movement strength arrange to 70 time.

The latest Time-built with a selection of effectively-made new call, the slicing-edge technological innovation along with traditional knowledge, specially focus. The impact of the sun’s sun rays on top of the regular adorned with thin laserlight-imprinted routine, developing a highly processed and beautiful result. The newest style permutations Roman numeral hour or so marker pens and specific parts physically configured, all totally illustrate only wonderful assertive watch. Call Rolex generation also exposing an exclusive approach, the sections of the brand new call designed for the most recent Day-Date and Believe.

Buy a sports replica watch people must know

Blink of an eye to 2016, and over time you can see: Fitness men and women began openly on the beach, the street, the gym show muscle, of course, the body of the sport equipment is also hanging in the circle of friends waiting point Like, a good sports watch can do for their health considerably according to, take care of the difference between the belt-type dress the table, sports watch can accompany people for a long time, not afraid of sweat invasion of wet, not afraid of bumps, it means Khan can be awkward up! So, how to choose sports watch, here are three points I collect for you as a circle of friends is eligible for praise essential skills:


Look at the size

Standing fashion tips, fashion tips or moving into small partners are aware that the past two years a little regression trend watch caliber small size, but I want to say that the movement is still a popular large size, this is not difficult to understand, you think, ah, you have to almost take off on that a few, and sweating in the gym to do it yourself, how the atmosphere, the sun’s stature outline in my mind countless times, large size can now get sports watch on your feel, clear reading, conspicuous eye-catching, such as this year’s Rolex Oyster watch on the increased size, the introduction of the new 39 mm, so choose the table or large size. It is said that his wrist fine, fear Hold live, in fact, I’d say are OK, it is to open a new world of visual effects. Moreover, from the market, the large-diameter watch than the relatively small size of the watch, such as the hippocampus on Omega 36 mm 41 mm lower than the hippocampus by about 30%.

Look at the bezel

Bezel are important factors in determining the value of a sports watch, although it seems in appearance of the watch, it does not take up too much seemingly gravity, but insiders know that the bezel is an important determinant of sports watch, Rolex took Kelpie , a 116,610 price on the ceramic ring much higher than the rim of the 16610, but this year, the new Rolex yacht had been replaced by ceramic bezel. Why good ceramic bezel? Because it is the material hard, wear-resistant, easy to scratches, even if you wear the ultra-long talk, the word on the bezel is not easy to be worn. The rims on the performance necessary to slightly worse than some of the ceramic ring.

Look at the style

There are many classic sports watch, such as Patek Philippe Nautilus, grenades, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Water Monster Rolex, Omega hippocampus and so on. There is an important reason, the support you choose classic styles: Most sports watch is steel sheet, in general, lower than the value of the steel sheet gold watch, however, and some famous sports steel style table value higher than gold watch . So, you choose the classic style of movement is, in itself worth is high, refill ability, cost-effective, definitely worth starting.


Enamel watches – Three Replica watches let you know

Lift the Enamel, I believe everyone is familiar with, its warm jade, bright as jewelry, fine features such as porcelain, get a lot of table fans alike. On the dial, you can be fired into pure color, you can also make precise filigree Enamel and painted in a variety of gorgeous patterns. Of course, the complicated production process, easily oxidized fade makes even more precious Enamel. Today we enjoy together with several Enamel material watch.


Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 series 5177BA / 29 / 9V6 watch

Watch Comments: simple and elegant is a major feature of Breguet classic series, narrow case, wide dial seems to allow us to touch the history of the eighteenth century, if history is a well-tested treasures. This is the heritage of the subtleties of the design right. Table diameter 38 mm and a thickness of 8.25 mm, Case is made with 18K gold, using polishing technology to make the case seem suffused with soft luster, and patterns adorn the sides to the coin. Enamel dial material because there is a wide enough visual space even more concise, but also reveal an elegance temperament, no wonder the history of celebrity favorite. Unique Breguet hands and Arabic numerals artistic character, but also for the law-abiding dial added some vitality, three o’clock is a date display window. Models equipped Cal.777Q movement, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Dark brown alligator leather strap so that the wearer a bit more calm, back through the rear cover can also enjoy the mechanical design of vibrant beauty.


Earl ALTIPLANO Enamel watch series G0A34241 watch

Watches Comments: Table diameter of 38 mm, crafted by 18K white gold, set with a circle around the case of the diamond. Case also uses a narrower design, which is drawn dial more performance space. Hand-carved patterns on the bottom painted black with a blooming flower in full bloom, “Tainan yellow banana white  Carter”, yellow and red flower petals on a black background is more eye-catching backdrop. With black silk belt, comfortable to wear but also to get the beauty of an art. Equipped with 430P produced by the movement, vibration frequency of 21,600 per hour, providing 43 hours of power reserve. Through this little yellow banana flower, can appreciate count Refining drawn on Enamel .


Jaeger-LeCoultre MASTER GRANDE TRADITION series Q50635SQ watch

Watches Comment: Following the solid Enamel dial and drawing Enamel dial, come together to enjoy this from the Jaeger-LeCoultre launched in 2014 Enamel watch with a mix and match style. Table diameter 42 mm and a thickness of 11.6 mm. Case using platinum. Pierced dial vividly presented the watch mechanism, and at the periphery of the dial, it is pure blue Enamel band ring, in a pure blue Enamel band printed with the timescale. Twelve o’clock is the power reserve display panel, three o’clock is a date display panel, the six o’clock is the month display panel, nine o’clock is the moon phase display window and week display panel. Blue pointer with blue Enamel disc echoes. Models equipped with 876SQ movement, providing power storage 192 hours. Provide 50 meters of water depth.

Summary: From the beginning of the 18th century, beautifully complex Enamel will show their charm on the dial of this small space, to date, Enamel is still widely used in major watch manufacturer, enough to see the fans to watch It’s the degree of love. Whether it is a solid color Enamel plate, or painted Enamel , or mix and match styles, or filigree Enamel , different people have different love and pursuit, but also hope that today’s recommendation to make you find that their favorite one.

Getting an Annual Bonus – Replica Rado DiaMaster watches

Replica Rado watches DiaMaster series sweep second hand Year 2015 was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award, is the award-winning Rado icing on the cake.


Replica Rado DiaMaster series second hand watch is a unique large classic gentleman style watch: has two overlapping sub-dial on the dial, a display hours and minutes, another display seconds. Striking 43 mm dial with luxurious texture of embossed leather strap, the classic fashion firmly tied to the wrist.

Replica Rado DiaMaster series of big second hand watch not only have superior appearance, but also demonstrates the Rado for material control. DiaMaster drill Pa series sweep second hand watch case crafted from the iconic Rado high-tech ceramic material plasma from the material by the Rado first used in the watchmaking industry.

Material Master

In the Rado high-tech ceramic plasma process, the white ceramic components have been placed in a plasma formed a special furnace at temperatures up to 20,000 ° C after the gas is activated to change the molecular structure of the material surface to the surface exudes a unique The metallic luster. In this cutting-edge technology, a shining metallic luster Rado retains all the advantages of high-tech ceramic materials – easy to wear, lightweight, hypoallergenic. Plasma dazzling diamond case surrounded DiaMaster large second hand Pa series chic big dial watch, not only make the watch itself, and even more show the unique qualities of the wearer.

Following the Rado high-tech ceramic HyperChrome Opteron-series touch dual time zone watch in 2014 won three awards in a row after the year 2015 Good Design Award is Rado recent gains in the fourth design award.

About Rado

Rado watch brand is world-renowned for its innovative design and its revolutionary use of materials known, aims to create easy to wear watches. Novo in Switzerland from the beginning of creation, Rado pioneering spirit always have, to date, still uphold “If we can imagine, that can create; if we create, that is able to achieve” brand philosophy.

The focus is on the design of Rado integral to the success of a major factor, the brand’s unique industrial design has so far received over 30 international awards recognition. Rado has been focused on product design and its features easy to wear, is committed to using distinctive revolutionary material, to create long-lasting shine watch.

About Good Design Award

Good Design is a renowned long-term annual design awards, co-organized by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European architecture, art and research center of the city. The iconic award in 1950 by renowned architect Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. founded in Chicago. GoodDesign covering Europe, Asia, North America and South America a new design and production of consumer products.