Replica Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton

Chronoswiss release released a new revolutionary hollow large dial Tengsheng three-pin first-line watch. Brand with advanced technology to interpret the minimalism of the mechanical world, without any redundant materials, the entire dial and movement through the fine hollow processing, dial only to retain the scale and obsessed hollow movement. Created a delicate structure and depth of visual effects of multi-dimensional three-pin first-line watch.

Hollow large dial Tengsheng three-pin first-line watch 44 mm masculine size and innovative neat lines exudes a unique modern sense. The watchmaker uses a vibrant contrast between black and red with a simple design to create a strong visual impact. Deep cherry red funnel-shaped dial is the absolute focus of this watch. At the same time, different crocodile leather strap inside the same tone also used to create a sense of coordination of the overall visual system. So that rigid modeling, precision machinery and fashion trends are here in this.

Chronoswiss’s details of the details of the details of the watch and watches are also reflected in this watch: the tail of the tail is designed as a micro-pointer, in the center of the dial to accurately draw the circle with a large circle dial on the scale. It is partially hidden in the hour funnel-shaped scale circle overlapping, minutes can also be accurately read here. This little trick makes the exquisite design fun. The compact design of the pointer movement by the second hand of the pause function to give personality – light pull the crown can block the hairspring operation. In this way, even if the second hand can be suspended and accurate calibration.

Hollowed out the clock has become a classic Chronoswiss. In 1995, the brand became the first brand to launch a series of hollow automatic timepieces. With the evolution of the Pathos model in 1998, it is also a discrete timepiece with separate read-through functions, and is the same as the first hollow timepiece for the 2010 sports Timemaster product line.

Replica Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Chronoswiss
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – anti reflective sapphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Buckle
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Case diameter – 42 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 17.75 millimeters
#Band Material – Alligator leather
#Band length – Men’s Standard
#Band width – 21 millimeters
#Band Color – Black
#Dial color – Silver
#Bezel material – Stainless steel
#Bezel function – Stationary
#Movement – Automatic self wind
#Water resistant depth – 99 Feet

Replica Franck Muller Vanguard Lady belonging to the Queen

Every woman may be Empress Dowager queen, born noble, captured the living beings. March 8 Queen’s Day is approaching, Franck Muller selection of colorful Vanguard Lady series of watches, praise the abbot of the Queen of the ages, arrogant.

Vanguard Lady watch details smart and elegant, elegant and charming shape. Inspired by the perfect line of Cintrée Curvex, the watch highlights the fascinating style of the Vanguard series. This Vanguard Lady in the details of the background, more moving beauty. Sun embossed dial or full set of dial with embossed digital time scale, soft and chic, and the design of bold and full of dynamic match perfect match.

Replica Franck Muller Vanguard Lady Automatic Chronograph adhering to the original Vanguard series of aesthetic style, the use of classic rubber and crocodile leather strap, and decorated with feminine corresponding color suture and crown, so watch a touch of charming charm.

Replica Franck Muller Vanguard Lady Automatic Chronograph equipped with automatic movement, with stainless steel and 18K gold style. For the noble and beautiful daughter of the icing on the cake, Yan pressure the world.
Replica Franck Muller Vanguard Lady Automatic Chronograph
#Movement: FM 2671
#Movement: automatic swiss automatic
#Calendar: Date
#Water resistant depth:99 Feet
#Power reserve: 40 hours
#Movement modification: Geneva ripple, pearl dots #polished, rhodium plating treatment
#Number of gems: 25
#Case: 18K rose gold / steel / black PVD
308 diamonds – 3.77 carats
#Case size: width 32.00mm x length 42.30mm x high 9.90mm
#Dial: sun embossed dial, inlaid digital time scale
163 diamonds – 0.83 karats
#Strap: rubber (bottom) and crocodile skin (top)

Chopard in Baselword2016

Replica Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860

L.U.C XPS 1860 Chopard watch elegant, Thatcher, to the mountains for L.U.C series – created 20 years ago when Chopard watch factory launched L.U.C 1860 watch tribute. Dial decorated with hand guilloche ornamentation, configuration extremely thin case, called the classical masterpiece of modern interpretation of Chopin’s first movement, which is equipped with 96.01-L combination of subtle elegance temperament and simple beauty. Ya fine design and precision performance make it suitable for everyday wear timepieces as well as modern and elegant gentleman essential choice.

Replica Chopard LUC XP 35 mm Esprit de Fleurier Peony

Which L.U.C XP minimalist elegance watch inherited temperament and superior technical performance Chopard Chopard Classic L.U.C become one of the flagship Chopard watches Chopard Haute Horlogerie watch series –L.U.C another.

Since 2014 Chopard Chopard for women it introduced a special table diameter of only 35 mm female models L.U.C watch, deep women of all ages. Its movement using independently developed by Chopard Chopard manufacture of LUC 96.23-L, and decorated with almost lost craft –Fleurisanne Glyph undoubtedly tempting soft and chronograph passion collision, gorgeous male flowers on the dial herald happy and rich.

Replica Chopard L.U.C Perpetual Chrono

Chopard watch complications show charming style and elegance

The new Chopard L.U.C Perpetual Chrono watch is equipped with excellent calendar mechanism on the 03.10-L manual-winding chronograph movement, as good as the modern gentleman veritable collection of watches. L.U.C Perpetual Chrono watch with the most refined elegant style and meticulous Haute Horlogerie most sophisticated construction, in line with the highest technical standards, ethical and aesthetic aspects. This was “fair mining” certified platinum limited edition of 20 watches, designed for people who love and watch connoisseurs Pegasus thing is carefully built.

Replica Chopard happy diamonds

Since 1976, full of joy breath bright embellishment Chopard Happy Diamonds brand of the same name series. Over the years, the famous diamond by Smart precious joy Changran watch and jewelry masterpieces blooming splendor. In its 40th anniversary, Chopard brand re-interpretation of the classic.

2016: Foundation work Happy Diamonds is a men’s watch. The large pillow-shaped watch with 18K white gold case and bracelet and black dial, dial the first Smart gorgeous diamond embellishment. This classic watch was awarded the prestigious Golden Rose Award Baden-Baden (Rose d’Or de Baden Baden) in 1976. Chopin take it as inspiration, create a cause to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of Smart diamond commemorative watch.

Replica Chopard introduces the Imperiale Joaillerie watch

Replica-Chopard-introduces-the-Imperiale-Joaillerie-watch-Chopard introduces the Imperiale Joaillerie watch

Magnificent and beautiful, bold and avant-garde, noble grace. Imperiale series adds an extraordinary reach for. Pegasus turned into exquisite art jewelry, creating a breathtaking watch a masterpiece. Beneath pure crystal of sapphire Stacking rain First Clearing skies, a colorful beautiful rainbow across the sky.

Beautiful, beautiful blooming iris charming Imperiale jewelry Rainbow, charming attention. This works were mounted 581 total weight of 47.98 karats of sapphire, gemstone selection, cutting and mosaic spent a total of more than 1000 hours, Seiko secret agents, amazing. However, once striking, precious stones lodged in the invisible, so that every minute works contain emotional release. This masterpiece collection of colorful jewelry sapphire, from elegant purple, gradient shades of blue, red, yellow, green until fennel, a blend of gorgeous brightly colored, creating elegant and ornate Yee King. Numerous color woven into gorgeous fireworks bloom constantly changing CLS, attracting thousands of eyes.

Replica Patek Philippe watches to carve the fashion

Patek Philippe to bring five new debut in 2016 as the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show. The first complex feature set for a new two-in-one favored, will become the year’s first big surprise. Followed by Patek Philippe to celebrate its widely acclaimed calendar watch and for the twentieth anniversary of the birth of a special design. Also announced one by one the other three masterpieces: the third gold for women and for the slender wrist, the enduring classic fourth gold further carving, fifth gold again prove complex functions of Patek Philippe unmatched.

Mechanical timepiece enthusiasts, collectors and connoisseurs will certainly pass Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph Ref. 5930 Fengruo treasure. It uses Patek Philippe World Time and patented device self-winding chronograph movement, with round white gold case, blue dial is decorated with hand-carved central pattern.

Annual Calendar Ref. 5396, elegant posture commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the birth of calendar watch. Since then, the Annual Calendar launched 21 models, a variety of dial styles of platinum, gold, platinum and rose gold watch list goes on, with a mother of pearl dial women’s diamond watch is compelling. Today, the new Ref. 5396 watch is the first 22 members of the family.

For women slender wrist Calatrava “eternal white” Ref. 7122 watch for ladies endorsement. White dial highlight the timeless beauty and innovation gems mosaics make more dazzling white diamonds, elegant case design is its charm.

For political motives, the official name of the city after several changes of world time zones, world time watch tick time zone also need to be adjusted accordingly. Replica Patek Philippe to take this opportunity to re-carve the world time watch dial and case, the new Ref. 5230 watches came into being, replacing all previous World Time watch.

In addition, replica Patek Philippe watches complexity king this year officially changed hands. Novel and unique string sound master watch Ref. 6300, including five kinds of timekeeping has a total of 20 functions, including complex functions, become a regular series of new king. Its case is decorated with hand-carved Paris hobnail patterns, different from the limited edition 7, hand-carved white gold case limited edition watch master string sounds Ref. 5175.

Replica iwc aquatimer 2000 watches for man

The nations since 1967 launched the first Marine chronometer, divers wrist watch has become a indispensable members in our meter series. These watches can move feeling, energy and power, and is the best partner and land in the underwater adventures. Marine chronometer watch of wrist of 2000 automatic IW358001 collocation yellow with black dial pointer and scale new listings. The meter origins can be traced back to 1982 when specially made for mine clearance diver diving watches, by designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche design. With as deep as 2000 meters waterproof performance, Marine chronometer 2000 automatic watch is a ambitious professional divers and divers to build a professional diving equipment.

Specialized in design

46 mm in diameter of the titanium casing, inside and outside has the mechanical rotating bezel, inky dial, waterproof performance of up to 2000 meters.

Powerful heart

Wrist watch with the IWC IWC homemade 80110 type automatic chain machine, power reserve of 44 hours.

Motion appearance

Table of the bottom cover deep-sea divers decoration inscribed and black rubber strap, tie-in titanium pin type clasp, for the holistic movement of a wrist watch on the appearance of a pen.

Bold color

Shaft at the IWC IWC in Marine chronometer diver watch family launched ocean 2000 automatic watch will use the color combination of black and yellow.

Replica Patek Philippe Ladies Perpetual Calendar Ref. 7140R

In the past women’s pursuit of lasting value, often more important than the design aesthetic preferences and functional level process design, but also to mechanical watches, especially complicated watches for men are considered exclusive elegance. However, an overview of the past ten years, this phenomenon has been drastic changes, the actual purchasing power of women to declare their interest in the complex function of movement, and enthusiasm unabated. Compared to dynamic stress or stopwatch probably restrained low-key three-question form, is both complicated process, and deep rich poetic almanac and calendar display watches, in my opinion, can be said to be the most suitable show female elegant feminine qualities, and able to demonstrate a rational superb taste of complex mechanical watches choice.

A perpetual calendar function in complex areas leading peers, has always been known as the watches of the king Replica Patek Philippe , naturally deeply to realize that this trend, has introduced a variety of specially designed for women calendar watch, and a paragraph 7140R ladies First perpetual calendar, not only equipped with technology skills to facilitate daily wear self-winding movement, design elegant and moving, is enough to make every keen edge watchmaking Ms. sight.

Replica Patek Philippe has a deep understanding of the outstanding contemporary female senior complex watch the demand for, and therefore after 7071R Ladies First Chronograph, 7059 ultra-thin split-seconds chronograph and 7000 three asked watches, Patek Philippe has finally launched 7140R Ladies First Perpetual Calendar in response to the top-level complex features watch women love.

Replica Patek Philippe Ladies Perpetual Calendar Ref. 7140R

According to the end of the month is a big month 31 or 30 days Satsuki, even the February 28, while the automatic right to jump to the 1st of the following month; and can automatically adjust to jump in once every four years a leap year, February 29, absolutely no need to adjust the date of the calendar watch (Perpetual calendar) between the centuries, has been the most popular complex functions watch collectors, and three asked the watches tourbillon and tied the best show the ultimate art of watchmaking.

Calatrava 18K rose gold round case, diameter 35.1 mm, bezel set with 68, top Wesselton diamonds 0.68 kt, hour, minute, 24-hour display, calendar function (Analog date, week, month and leap year cycle), moon phase display, 240Q movement automatic winding ultra-thin movement, 22K gold mini automatic winding tourbillon, power reserve 48 hours, sapphire crystal, 18K gold case back later and sapphire crystal glass back cover for replacement, crocodile leather strap, 18K rose lily buckle set with 27, 0.2 kt top Wesselton diamonds.

Replica Patek Philippe achievements in terms of complex functions, universally for all to see. The most complicated Replica Patek Philippe watches embodies both perfect craftsmanship and quality, lasting value and aesthetics, as well as rare brand value, not only to continue to maintain the brand’s leading chip technology, the more the brand’s growth to provide maximum power. Replica Patek Philippe has a deep understanding of the outstanding contemporary female senior complex watch the demand for, and therefore after 7071R Ladies First Chronograph, 7059 ultra-thin split-seconds chronograph and 7000 three asked watches, Replica Patek Philippe has finally launched 7140R Ladies First Perpetual Calendar in response to the top-level complex features watch women love.

7140R menu now not only just as the incarnation of the eternal, lasting precious, reliable generation, its watch design is elegant and timeless, with inlaid with diamonds Brilliant, bright and persistent, soft Korea feel the rain-delayed women irresistible.

7140R Ladies First Ladies and 5940J calendar watch men calendar watch, like, with the Replica Patek Philippe proud 240Q ultra-thin self-winding movement, function and aesthetic modifications sufficient to cover all the intrinsic value and extrinsic value the style of the women. 35.1 mm round case of Calatrava timeless and elegant design, thickness of only 8.6 mm, the era of well-grown watches body shape and proportion with Evergreen. Bezel more delicate inlaid with 68 heavy 0.68 karats top Wesselton diamonds, 18K rose gold clasp set with 27 more 0.2 carat diamond, amplified bright precious, all parliaments and become successful women wrist intoxicating gems and timepiece treasures.

Rolex BaselWorld 2016 – Exclusive First Look

From now on, in the next nearly a month’s time, watch lovers all over the world will be waiting in the Rolex this year’s BaselWorld cover torn off in their own brand new timepiece mystery. So when in the table show, Rolex will show what kind of people count it as a novelty? It is not an easy prediction thing, this is more like we expect some fusion of the obtained results with our own expectations, a number of well-known watch forums to discuss the data obtained in, as well as the right luck, a lack of It is not. We hope this new forecast the upcoming Replica Rolex watches in Basel Watch Fair is correct. So let us explore how these may publish watches, or that we want to see on the show table watches. Again reiterate, this is a prediction!

BaselWorld 2016 – Replica Rolex OYSTER PERPETUAL PEARLMASTER 39 WAtch (model 114 300)
2015, Rolex released a new Oyster Perpetual series of watches, equipped with 39mm case size and color of the dial. In this year’s Basel Watch Fair, we expect to launch a brand new Rolex olive green of the dial Oyster Perpetual 39mm watch (model 114 300), because the size of 34mm Oyster Perpetual watches have been the same dial design existed.

In addition to traditional styles of gray smoke, Oyster Perpetual series there is a red grape and bright blue style, so consider this an olive green style watch is not too crazy. Frankly, green dial with orange hour markers dotted constitutes a sharp contrast, makes it look really great. Of course, not be long before we’ll know the answer.

Baselworld 2016 – Replica Rolex 116713 GMT Master II Ceramic Two tone SS Watch
This should be in our forecast this most unlikely of watches, but it is also the most table fans eagerly awaited a table. “Root Beer” is a nickname given table fans, it refers to as the ‘root beer’ like the color brown dial and brown / yellow bezel.

It would be a vintage re-issue, just as GMT-Master II Pepsi paragraph same. Two-tone case (stainless steel and yellow gold), brown (Root Beer) with gold hour markers and hands on the dial, on a brown ceramic bezel is occupied by gold material number. There’s nothing particularly new technologies, is only suitable for a fun retro lovers count.

Baselworld 2016 – Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona White Gold Watch (Model: 116519 LN)
Over the years, people like Rolex has been waiting to see a new Cosmograph Daytona watch. We do not expect it will come as soon as possible, at least not appear in 2016. However, we have reason to believe that Rolex will bring a new iteration of their iconic chronograph, in this year’s BaselWorld. If before you have carefully viewed Daytona Rolex official website to get the series, you will find there are actually a form “disappeared”: Daytona platinum leather strap models (Model: 116 519). It has not showed a few weeks in the directory, and then perhaps a new version of this table, is the new 2016 Rolex series of platinum, leather strap, black ceramic bezel watch (model 116519LN).

That is why we expect will release a new Rolex 18k white gold Daytona at this year’s BaselWorld. We envisioned a pure black dial, designed specifically for the race appearance, and red accent color (in fact Model 116509 Daytona white gold watch is similar, but with a steel chain). The platinum, leather strap watch with a black ceramic bezel, of course, have been covered by the above platinum speed scale. For there is no other change in expectations: the same 40mm case size, carrying the same 4130 movement.

Baselworld 2016 – Replica Rolex Datejust 40mm watch equipped Cal.3236 movement
In last year’s Basel Watch Fair, left us was undoubtedly the most impressive of the new Rolex Day-Date watch the. A redesigned look to bring a smaller and thinner case and more innovative dial design, and are equipped with the same outstanding new Cal.3255 movement – with a new barrel can provide more long-term power reserve use Chronergy type escapement mechanism makes performance improvement of 15%, and the variable inertia balance Tuo, through improved train wheel structure and more excellent grinding process. This week Datejust 40mm watch completely replace the old size of 41mm Rolex DD II. The former is smaller, slimmer, the case has caused a curvy, dial and bezel even more elegance. In order to watch certain correlation between, we hope this year will be the Rolex Datejust published series also uses the same concept, replacing size of 41mm Datejust II.

We expect the same 2016 models Rolex Perpetual Datejust 40mm watch case and 40mm Rolex Day-Date watch is used, in fact, is the same case with the old section of the DD II Datejust II used the same size and the same design. Based on this idea, we envisioned three possible versions, or other two-tone stainless steel models :

2016 Rolex Datejust watch, stainless steel material, flat / polished steel bezel, 40mm case size, Oyster bracelet, gray dial bring baton hour markers.
2016 Rolex Datejust watch, stainless steel material, grooved white gold bezel, 40mm case, Oyster bracelet, gray dial with blue Roman numerals, shape similar to the Rolex DD.

In addition to the new look, we also hope Cal.3255 Rolex can be equipped with a condensed version of the movement (movement named Rolex respect for this “imaginary” in Perpetual Datejust watch, this movement You can call it Cal.3236), a week removed the display module, located three bits remain calendar display module (iconic Cyclops lens). Please note … this is only our forecast, unofficial model, unofficial prices.

Replica Longines watch in spring

The spring breeze is pleasantly warm.The spring wind is so selfless, not askingfor anything in return but blossomed millions of flowers. In this sweet woman season, Replica Longines watch carefully presented selection from Dolce Vita series and La Grande series. In the shade of the colorful spring, so as to add between a touch of bright color peach wrist accessories of choice, you encounter with graceful love, Dramas scenery.


The Full Sun in spring, shady trees, fallen flowers, the overall impression of a wonderful fantasy encounter. The watch has been regarded as the preferred transport accessories peach. Recommended passion Longines Dolce Vita series watch, transfer of the sweet life pledge. Classic blue Roman numerals, with a beautiful slender case, let a ray of Italian Style lingering wrist, help the wearer clever knot happy match, witness emotional moment.

Winter to spring, which is the people faded thick, light-footed season, while a simple thin watch is the spring with the must-have item. Longines fine mist series rose gold watch for spring dress with a gift in the new. Classic ultra-thin streamlined design, so that the wearer without reservation, until the time when flowers are blooming, the embodiment of a touch of fresh and beautiful fashion landscape.

Replica Blancpain Villeret Moonphase & Complete Calendar 40mm Mens Watch

“When the founder of the classic meter” ultimate vision is to watch, and even create awareness about the presentation time. Blancpain glory attributed to adhere to the mining time connotation as a starting point to explore the mechanical aesthetics after the release of the final return to the wearer’s position. Blancpain full calendar month, it is the embodiment of this idea, it has become a well-deserved “the most classic of the moon phase watch.”
Phases of the moon, ancient times. It used to be, or as a single function, or single calendar, double calendar binding, it appears in a variety of time on the meter. Until Blancpain creatively combine it with three calendar, moon phase watch really got internal system of life. Because the current timing system in general, and the moon itself is the decisive force. It runs on, week, month, day three concepts and units, followed by the formation, and to help us distinguish between track of time.

Therefore, the phase of the moon is “time” behind the scenes manipulator, time is running deduction from the sun and the moon, no moon and no time. Blancpain believes month phase appears on the dial, should guide three calendar indispensable, can be called the most classic moon phase watch. Quartz storm in the 1980s, Blancpain became the first modern combine full calendar and moon phases brand, and full calendar month, it was later that year that the guidelines of traditional mechanical watchmaking, side Win banner. Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch both classic moon phase, but also contains the industry sentiment.


The way in which the deep universe, it is a wonderful expectations: wrist time complete details of the process to attain, life’s regrets.

Both classic moon phase, is the classic Blancpain

Moon position in the understanding of “time” in order to complete the performance of the basic timing system – Blancpain watch full calendar month, first in concept, established what is a classic moon phase.

Any classic, are perfect parallel concept and skill; any classic, is a master of style creators. Blancpain watch full calendar month, with the brand’s most iconic aesthetic – elegant, harmonious. If you choose to watch with moon phase function, the vast majority of buyers will be the preferred Blancpain moon phase, it is because it has genuine meaning and status, but also include a brand favored by most people, signature style aesthetic elements

Double round bezel: round, three-dimensional, Smart
Lancet needle: thin; coherent subtle radian; let more light and light precision hollow
Serpentine blue steel hands: right, clear sky winding sense; fresh blue
Roman numerals: stable precious metal material texture; accompanied by elegant middle waist design
Table ear: simple, clean, ensure the integrity of the case; original brand hidden beneath adjustment
Head: elegant appearance; a clear sense of stalls, smooth operation.

Date ring a slight sag, forming an interlayer in its interior brand identity LOGO, and sunken, the separation of the month and the week around windows located on the semicircle, moon phase window corresponds occupy the same area under the semicircle. Phases of the moon face, a variety of vivid facial expressions to choose from.

Blancpain pointer can best embody the furnace. Hours, Minutes pointer already slim, but do hollow handle, and then let the light light; seconds finest longest fiber if the slightest, so the end of the added “JB” logo, in order to avoid too light “erratic.” A release of a collection, patchwork. A serpentine top blue steel hands, with “curved arc” process, the length of the date exactly fit the inside circle.

When the entire disk, because the orthodox harmony, it is one unforgettable, providing enjoyable, efficient and convenient to read.

In addition to the visible part of the perfect appearance of gloss case, clasp, scale, etc., for Blancpain, the meticulous polishing will occur in the interior, even for those “out of sight” is more seriously.

Internal parts polished, accurate travel time will affect the degree of durability and stability of the watch. Blancpain movement polished fully reflects the brand’s excellence, watchmakers inner corner outer corner of each small parts, the inner edge of the outer edge invariably meticulous hand-polished, chamfered many visible extremely complex. Chamfer grinding process, very particular craftsmen force, excessive force will cause deformation of parts, and lack of strength will lead angle is not obvious, it is not clear.

Blancpain movement has been limited to polish functional requirements, but rose to nearly artistic self requirements. Creative and aesthetic movement ornamentation polished, sophisticated movement to put a layer of gorgeous coat, through the sapphire back through, you can see the guilloche pattern blooming brilliant light.

Original technologies: practical and humane

Based on consideration of the practicality of the wearer’s wrist, Blancpain watchmakers, after imagination, research and development, patents and other fine-tuning and application process, developing a unique functional design.

Correctors means: In order to better present simple aesthetics, the original Blancpain adjuster hidden under the lugs of the present invention, in order to watch the achievements of clean, sleek lines shape. The wearer without professional tools, just lightly touched with fingertips to complete the calibration process.

Movement protection device: the conventional fast transfer calendar feature, you should try to avoid the 21:00 to 3:00 the next day, because the watch calendar mechanism is in operation, this time to adjust easily damage the movement. The Blancpain security protection system tuning, fast adjustment function can lock in this period, even if the mistake operation, the movement will not cause the slightest damage.


Long power: In order to facilitate the use of the wearer, Blancpain has been trying to extend the power of the moon phase watch is the first full calendar month on the function, to achieve a long power brand. Such as 6263, the first time with a double-barrel 100 hour-long power; 6639 is a power reserve of 8 days. In power, Blancpain has always been at the highest level of the industry, highlighting the humane considerations.

Blancpain with the top brands and most complete product line moon phase, moon phase models can reach 60 or more. This whole series is divided into classic full calendar month, women’s moon phase, moon phase complex three categories. A strong lineup, explained Blancpain moon phase watch on continuous efforts and progress, this is a major argument of choice Blancpain moon phase.

In addition, the origin and Blancpain moon phase also must be mentioned. 1970s, Swiss quartz storm swept the major brands have adopted the use of cheap, mass-produced quartz movement, reduce costs and improve productivity. As with any a revolution in the world, there are always those upstream. Blancpain believe that mechanical watch is irreplaceable.

This “irreplaceable” belief, prompting Blancpain questioning, mechanical timepiece of origin and glory of what exactly? In 1983, Blancpain found that in terms of development process, the phase of the moon plays a pivotal role. Born full calendar moon phase watch, to make the world realize that prolonged the charm of mechanical watches, traditional watchmaking provides a revival of faith and ideas. It appears full calendar month, opening up a new era of moon phase watch, become a classic master of time.

Complete concept of time, flawless process details appropriateness practical settings, complete rich family, moving deep origin – all these make Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch, become a well-deserved the most classic moon phase. When this 一枚 wrist count, meaning the years of regret vision.

If at the moment it happened a surprise decision, a successful …… his wrist, I will write it down for future commemorative and memorable moments ……

Any plan that contains a time dimension. Maybe a year, maybe the season, a month or a week, raised his wrist, I will understand, at what stage, how to adjust the pace to achieve ……

Time keeps pace, the universe is running. On the dial, ready to see the face of the moon, imagine running of celestial bodies, is a reminder – the individual on a more ambitious context, send ephemera in the world, one remote drop in the ocean .. Have come to, go go ……

Replica Tissot Dressport ladies watch

Tissot embodies over 150 years of innovation and Swiss watchmaking tradition. World leader in the traditional Swiss watch segment, its mission is to offer to a wide public a range of high quality timepieces at an affordable price.

Tissot as always, presents the most true, the best of themselves, Tissot will make each piece You really feel light glanced down watch that moment eyebrows, even though time is so magical, and shortly this new year has passed more than 1,200 hours, are experiencing a single minute. 2016, Tissot once more unveiled an amazing ideal wrist watch, Tissot Dressport ladies watch, which is concealed design, sporting away from glamor and fashion.

Replica Tissot Dressport watch has a classic shape and attractive symmetrical time dial for all types of shape and style of the wearer. Luxury sports style and feel of the perfect fusion of feminine and precise timing, to effectively meet the needs of modern women.

To watch love have much deep, the second hand swinging records will have much deep, is a nearly perfect Replica Tissot Dressport ladies watch will be the modern women pursuit of the perfect attitude flow casting in the wrist above design, its characteristic is that it’s the persistence of the perfect combination of brand, aesthetics, innovative design and elegant element, top wiesel watch body and of real diamonds inlaid mother-of-pearl face plate under the lights shine, fluttering and imagine yourself in the spotlight, gorgeous elegant coat against the lithe and graceful face, and wrist this watch more let you much-anticipated, replica Tissot Dressport ladies watch every detail highlights the delicacy and intentions of the brand.

Every woman like the pearls in the sea, has its own unique light, Replica Tissot Dressport ladies watch is charming, is special. Watch equipped with wear-resistant sapphire crystal, stainless steel case with refined materials, enhance the lifestyle, recording every moment of throbbing, Tissot breath launched a variety of different colors. Case: Rose gold, silver case equipped with advanced texture white leather strap, brilliant colors decorate ladies watch world with the classic three eye chronograph dial on the dial, 30 minutes and 12-hour time small dial and small seconds, the watch has a diameter of 35 mm , shiny round case implies the time of transfer, through the sapphire crystal can clearly appreciate the exquisite dial design content, watch for a woman requires, in addition to beautiful, is more meaning and connotation .