Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Queen Cup 2017

Audemars Piguet is honored to work with the Hong Kong Jockey Club in 2017 to host the 19th Queen Elizabeth. To commemorate this wonderful world-class horse racing event, Audemars Piguet presented a new royal oak series Queen’s Cup 2017 limited edition automatic men and women on the watch. The limited edition of 200 of 41 mm and 37 mm style, with sophisticated and high-tech materials to create, highlight the brand extraordinary remarkable watchmaking skills.

Royal Oak Series Queen Cup 2017 limited edition automatic winding watch clever combination of titanium and platinum material, bring out the contemporary and luxurious feeling. Both versions are brushed and polished titanium case and chain belt, with polished polished platinum bezel and chain, different silver tones to create a low-key subtle contrast. Retains the royal oak series of classic aesthetic elements, silver gray “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered decorative dial, set off the fluorescent coating of platinum three-dimensional time scale and the Royal Oak pointer.

Through the anti-glare treatment sapphire crystal bottom cover, the wearer can watch the table factory homemade 3120 self-winding movement delicate craftsmanship. The bottom cover is also engraved with the words “ROYAL OAK QE II CUP 2017 LIMITED EDITION”. With hour, minute, center second hand and date display, the watch delivers up to 60 hours of power reserve at a pitch of 21,600 times per hour. In addition, the 37mm style bezel, more inlaid with a total of 40 about 0.92 karats of circular cutting diamonds.

Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak automatic-self-wind womens Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Audemars Piguet
#Dial window material type Sapphire
#Display Type Analog
#Case material Stainless Steel
#Case Thickness 10
#Band Material Stainless Steel
#Band width 26 millimeters
#Band Color Steel
#Dial color Silver
#Movement Automatic Self Wind

1932-2032 Olympic – Replica Omega watches

The 35th Olympic Games in 2032 will be the legendary testimony of the Omega and the Olympic Games. Since the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1932, Omega has 27 times as the Olympic Games officially timed, and continue to develop and introduce cutting-edge high-tech timing technology and equipment, including electronic guns, swimming pool automatic touchpad and the first time in the Rio Olympic Games, Scan ‘O’ Vision MYRIA, which captures 10,000 digital images, ensures accurate timing for each event.

Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group, Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega Global President and CEO, and Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), announced in Omostro’s Olympic Museum in Lausanne that Omega became the first to extend its partnership to the 2032 Olympic Games Olympic Global Partner.

“The Olympic Games is one of the most exciting sports events in the world,” said Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group. “The Olympic medal is also the highest dream of every athletic athlete struggling, and the solidarity of the Olympic Games is deeply influenced Everyone in the world can keep pace with the favorite players through any media platform, and since the beginning of the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1932, Omega has been able to determine the ownership of gold and silver bronze by accurate measurement “We are proud to announce that Omega will continue to serve as the Olympic Games in 2032 and will be a major part of Omega’s cooperation with the Olympic Games for a hundred years.”

“Omega is a well-deserved leader in the field of sports timing,” said Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), for Omega’s continued partnership with the IOC. By continuing the partnership to 2032, Omega will continue To create a fair entry environment for Olympic athletes with a trustworthy timetable, and 2032 will be an important milestone in Omega’s cooperation with the IOC, which was the first time that the Olympics began Omega timing equipment 100 years ago.

“We are delighted that Omega became the first global partner to host the partnership until 2032. It was also the first time that Omega was the first in our long-term partnership,” said Tsunekazu Takeda, Chairman of the IOC Marketing Committee. Extending the partnership for 12 years, highlighting the power of the Olympic and IOC business plans.

Omega will continue to play the Olympic Games official timing task, providing leading technology precision timing, scoring equipment, score display system and screen image technology and other services, become an important part of the Olympic Games.

Replica Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Black Camo

After entering the racing world (such as the Aero-GT series), after entering the Formula 1 field (such as BR-X1 RS16 style or the new RS 17 series), in creating a cool skeleton theme And the high-level watch series, Bell & Ross finally turned his eyes back to its roots: military timepieces. Secret, low-key, inspired by the military specifications, clear and easy to read at the same time but with the surrounding environment perfect blend, it is the new Bell & Ross BR03-92 Black Camo black camouflage watch.

Return to the origin, no longer focus on the car world or super complex movement and so on, but to re-start to make those who make the table fans feel sincerely the essence of the product. The new Bell & Ross BR03-92 black camouflage watch in all respects, it can be said that Bell & Ross can not be fashionable, whether like or not, it is a very representative of the outstanding works of the brand. The watch has all the distinctive features of Bell & Ross that are well known: tool-type timepieces, inner and outer design, solid and reliable appearance, and restrained colors. While the camouflage pattern on the dial, it is to ensure that the origin of the brand characteristics can be vividly demonstrated. This table may not be the only innovation style this year, but it is undoubtedly a very cool timepiece, no fault!

In the history of the brand, Bell & Ross for similar to GIGN and RAID and other professional elite forces such as R & D to create a number of timepieces. According to the requirements of the military, they want and need these timepieces to be perfect with their combat clothing, and also anti-reflective friction, if it is almost in the invisible general better. This is the previous two timepieces, BR03-92 Phantom and BR03-92 Comando reasons, the two timers are used in a single color scheme, and completely through the matte process, completely put an end to the reflective may. The new BR03-92 black camouflage watch, on their basis, has been further developed.

This Bell & Ross BR03-92 black camouflage watch is matte black ceramic material to create, the appearance is still based on the traditional square case, round dial and bezel design. Here to show everyone is a small model, its size is 42mm x 42mm. Light, scratch-resistant, and completely anti-reflective, this case can be said to meet the perfect camouflage concept. The watch will be through a black matt rubber strap firmly fixed in the wrist of the wearer’s wrist, and in addition, in the box which is also accompanied by another with a strong elastic mixed fiber strap.

This BR03-92 watch is equipped with a reliable, accurate Swiss self-winding movement. Its vibration frequency is 4Hz, can provide 38 hours of power reserve.

Replica Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Black Camo watches
#Article no .: BR0392-CAMO-CE / SRB
#Movement: Automatic
#Functions: Date
#Power reserve: 40 hours
#Case: Steel
#Case back: Steel
#Glass: Sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating
#Water resistance: 100 meters
#Bracelet: Rubber + additional nylon strap
#Clasp: Steel buckle
#Size: 42 mm
#Type: Gents watch

Make the world go around On Hands – Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic Tourbillon

Jaeger-LeCoultre every exhibition must have a high complex come out, this is the practice over the years. 2017 Jaeger-LeCoultre Zhendian treasure is the world time zone Tourbillon. This watch is the first time in the world time zone and Tourbillon combination, and Jaeger-LeCoultre chose to launch in the series of geophysical observatories, can be said to be painstakingly. The new work is in the original world time zone function to increase the Jaeger-LeCoultre developed the latest “I-shaped” Tourbillon, but also in the original blue ocean pattern disk to add machine engraved pattern, plus the Geophysical Observatory series accumulated plot Home a variety of movement technology, including mechanical watch jump seconds mechanism, the reason is called high complexity, mainly because Jaeger-LeCoultre will accumulate many years of watchmaking technology on this watch, so you can see not only Only stunningly raised the world time zone plate, and even Tourbillon will follow the disk with the rotation, compared to the past table fans are familiar with the traditional Tourbillon, there is nothing beyond the praise.

Perhaps the eye-catching table fans will find Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon and the previously seen Tourbillon is not the same, this appears in the Tourbillon I-shaped balance wheel, first appeared in the 2007 Master Compressor Extreme LAB 1 concept table , Then in 2015 in Hong Kong’s exhibition on the launch of the Geophysical Observatory series watch continues to follow the Gyrolab balance wheel, 2016 Jaeger-LeCoultre is used in Reverso Gyrotourbillon body, this watch continues this series of watchmaking DNA, from the tourbillon action can enjoy the Gyrolab balance wheel. This I-shaped balance wheel is not for the appearance and change, in fact, this is the product development research technology has been a long time, from the common ring swing arm to “I-shaped” swing arm, the biggest difference is to reduce the air Resistance, air resistance will cause the movement of the parts of the movement, so Jaeger-LeCoultre cancel the ring, because the area is too large balance wheel will increase the chance of friction with the air, after the improved Gyrolab balance wheel not only in appearance is more simple Refining, but also Jaeger-LeCoultre “JL” logo into the movement design, which reflects their home watch technology excellence and indiscriminate brand DNA.

Comparison of the world watch in 2015, 2017 launched the world when the Tourbillon on the dial there are a few significant changes, in addition to the diameter from 41.6mm to 43.5mm, the face plate central convex world map also increased Machine timing ornamentation, and the time display has also been changed, when the standard plate and the city disk exchange position, the most out of the world time zone GMT when the standard plate, followed by the time zone city disk, and 2015 dial to do, First of all, the degree of sophistication of the dial to improve a lot; the other is fine-tune the right position, so that the wearer can be more intuitive control. The last is the most eye-catching flying tourbillon, at one go to upgrade, is to let the table fans see the evolution of the plot biggest names in the process. This watch movement is Cal.948,338 parts, and the stability of the frequency of 28,800 vph, but this movement is the most worth mentioning, that is just mentioned earlier Gyrolab balance wheel, with the world time zone Function, from the bottom of the back cover can see 22K gold automatic disk, the refining efficiency than the general automatic disk more effective, and 22 K gold color also makes people eyes bright, plus product signs hollow automatic disk , Just appreciate the movement of the movement do not have some fun.

In general, the tourbillon is mostly located at six o’clock, but Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2017 SIHH debut of this world when the tourbillon, the most amazing is the revolver around the faceplate Tourbillon, face plate layout And the Hong Kong watch industry in 2015 when the world is slightly similar, but the dial of the ocean pattern to join the machine engraved pattern, the city disk and the disk position is also opposed to each other, only when the minute hand with a simple layout of the Tourbillon small seconds, People at one go to enjoy the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch the culmination of the process.

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic Universal Time Tourbillon Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Jaeger-LeCoultre
#Part Number – Q8102520
#Item Shape – Round
#Display Type – Analog
#Case diameter – 41.6 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 11.80
#Band Material – Alligator Leather
#Band width – 20 millimeters
#Dial color – Blue Lacquer
#Bezel material – Fixed 18kt Pink Gold
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 50 Meters

One of the hottest luxury sports watches – Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 is definitely one of the hottest luxury sports watches, but if you want to take a much higher price than it is priced to get it, it is difficult to be on the blue sky, which Part of the main reason is because Patek Philippe has said that the quality of steel models in their total output of only about 20% of the time, and in the proportion of 20%, Nautilus 5711 is one of the many products … Well , It is difficult to let people think that the brand is through this small number, the balance of the number of strategies to prevent the market saturation. However, so much, the protagonist of this article is not steel Nautilus, but by the end of 2016, Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Refs. 5711 / 1P.

Stainless steel Nautilus watches priced at around $ 25,000, but the price of 5711 / 1P is more than four times higher than it is. In addition to the reason because it is limited edition watches, but also because of its case and bracelet, etc. are all used is made of 950 platinum material, and also diamond. The use of rectangular cut gem mosaics as a time scale is both a show of advanced craftsmanship, and at the same time it is an inadvertent way for men to show their wealth gracefully, although it may be very probable to look out … as mentioned earlier, See the acquaintance with 5711, may wish to glance at the disk, or really too easy to confuse with the steel style.

This 5711 / 1P watch size size of 44.05mm, than most of the parrot style to be so big, but mainly due to the case of bilateral flank design (Jero Zonta original design of the logo) Of the reason, so wear up with the general about 42mm when the meter will not be too much difference, after all, is a sports watch, so bulky sense of what do not need to worry about. Shape gradually thinning of the platinum bracelet, whether for the wrist thicker or smaller table fans are very friendly, while wearing is also very comfortable. Size is not a problem, the design is still classic, really good table together, but the price of platinum is really want people to vomit blood … Oh yes, this table did not improve the waterproof level, still with other nautilus models , Are 120 meters.

It is very appropriate for this type of timepiece to cut diamonds as a time scale for rectangles. Of course, there may be some table fans that the addition of this jewelry is completely superfluous, without any meaning, Mr. Zonda had designed the nautilus dial is simple to the United States, you are not pure. Probably this argument for the steel style is nothing wrong, but for this limited edition, the price of 100k + dollars platinum watch, it is completely acceptable. Only to rely on platinum to enhance the value that is too low, so with diamonds to do some embellishment is definitely icing on the cake, in addition to the disk on the use of diamonds, the case of 6-point direction below the mosaic of another diamond.

In this Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Refs. 5711 / 1P is equipped with Cal.324 S C-type self-winding movement, which uses a lot of Patek Philippe’s own technology, daily wear performance is very reliable. The movement is made up of 213 parts, the vibration frequency of 4Hz (28800 bph), can provide 40 hours of power reserve, only 3.3mm thickness of the block is also the time it is so slim key. Function to provide a more simple, in addition to the third needle, there are 3 points at the date display.

Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus Steel Watch 5711 / 1A-010
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Patek Philippe Nautilus
#Model number 5711 / 1A-010
#Item Shape Cushion
#Dial window material type anti reflective
#Display Type Analog
#Clasp Fold over clasp
#Band Material Stainless steel
#Band Color steel
#Dial color Black
#Bezel material Stainless steel
#Movement Swiss automatic
#Water resistant depth 120 Meters

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic Date Chronograph Watches

In 2017 the Jaeger-LeCoultre of the new, get the most attention may not be the world when the tourbillon this high complex function watch, but this batch of new master series of geographers watch, and for three geographers, Some people focus on their very close to the price, but there are other people, including the author, it is its retro “Sector Dial” situation alone, the impact of even many players began to re- Discuss this face plate style.

Several features of Sector Dial The so-called Sector Dial, literally, may be translated into a “partitioned dial” that refers to a dial style that is popular in the late 1920s to the early 1950s, Including the inside and outside the multi-turn dial and the top of the inner and outer ring at the junction of the radial time scale, and different circles of the dial tend to use similar but there are other colors or surface treatment, but this is only a summed up the argument, in fact Change is quite rich, can not be generalized.

Watches to an independent 12-hour sub-disk with day and night display to show the second time, the second time with the bottom of the world city name is synchronized, rotating 10 o’clock crown when the second clock and the city ring Will be synchronized beating, technically has been regarded as the world time zone table.

Although the definition is not very strict, but the new version of the geographer is undoubtedly belong to a partitioned dial, face plate is divided into three laps, time scale and minute scale are outward and outward in the radiation, and different from The inner ring and the outermost white, the circle with a silver-colored plus concentric round the surface treatment, so that we have already seen the world time dialing moment showing a very different retro style, and unusually pleasing.

Designers in the pure Sector Dial style to add a bright spot, that is, the use of light blue to do the key changes; blue was originally a senior table one of the commonly used color (especially in recent years), but that are mostly Deep navy blue, like this close to the water blue hue is still full of surprising, and therefore let the retro surface has become less so traditionally. The light blue in the use of the three-pin models have not so obvious, but in the chronograph and the time between the two places on the considerable play, the small words on the disk are almost printed in blue, the formation of watches outside the Sector Dial Another visual impression.

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic Date Chronograph Watches
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Jaeger-LeCoultre
#Item Shape – Round
#Display Type – Analog
#Case diameter – 39 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 12
#Band Material – Stainless Steel
#Dial color – Black
#Bezel material – Fixed Stainless Steel
#Item weight – 15.84 Ounces
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 50 Meters

Replica Ulysse Nardin Diver Le Locle Vintage Collection

Since 1846, Ulysse Nardin has been in the name of making innovative and precise timepieces. For this reason, naval commanders and merchant ships from all over the world have begun to pursue Ulysse Nardin’s astronomical clock and observatory pocket watch. Located in Ulysse Nardin, Lloyd, Switzerland, every few years, always launched a stunning and award-winning watch. These mechanical watches for the collector and the Swiss watchmaker to provide a stable performance and timeless design inspiration source. Today, Ulysse Nardin to the mission of the launch of the “Diver Le Locle”, to pay tribute to the glorious history.

“Diver Le Locle” design inspiration from Ulysse Nardin 1964 launched a watch, the appearance of this diving watch imitation of the classic original, but inside the use of 2017 watchmaking technology. Equipped with UN-320 self-winding movement, made by the watch factory to silicon technology research and development, watch to go through Ulysse Nardin strict certification process. 3 o’clock position to enlarge the calendar window display, you can adjust forward and backward, Ulysse Nardin is the best mechanical invention. This diving watch, accompanied by a clear Super Luminova luminous time scale, counterclockwise one-way timing ring and 100 meters waterproof. The details of the watch are full of diving table features: watch back engraved in a deep sea to explore the divers pattern, unique, strap selection of durable canvas.

Replica Ulysse Nardin Diver Le Locle Vintage Collection
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Ulysse Nardin
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Scratch resistant sapphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Deployment Clasp
#Case material – Stainless Steel
#Case diameter – 41 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 12.5 millimeters
#Band Material – Leather
#Band length – Mens
#Band width – 20 millimeters
#Band Color – Blue
#Dial color – Blue
#Bezel material – Stainless Steel
#Bezel function – Stationary
#Calendar – Date
#Movement – Automatic self wind
#Water resistant depth – 660 Feet

Replica Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon et Malte petit modèle watches

Malta has been with a watch in the current market has been largely difficult to see the unique features: barrel-type appearance, in Vacheron Constantin’s watch series which occupy a special position. Indeed, the Maltese series relies on this particular artistic style, and this has been slightly outdated style is given its endless charm. But the next to introduce this Maltese not only rely on the face of children to attract people, because its inner beating a exquisite Tourbillon core. 18k rose gold case with dark gray disk case, creating a soft warm atmosphere, people can not help but intoxicated them. It is the new Vacheron Constantin Malta series Tourbillon watch.

First of all, it will immediately attract the appearance of people’s attention, after all, the vast majority of Swiss manufacturing timepieces are used in the traditional round case, and Malta is the opposite, back to all ever The design concept has been allowed to accept the era. Tonneau (barrel) type case to date back to the early 20th century, Art-Deco art style popular era, fashion lines began to shape, pocket watch has been the traditional appearance and then completely broken. Of course, not only the shape of the unique, this Maltese Tourbillon watch in size is also quite good: 38mm diameter, 48.2mm length, because of its unique appearance shape, so do not be scared by these parameters, for men’s wrist, Easy to hold live.

New Year new weather, 2017 arrival Vacheron Constantin Maltese series Tourbillon watch also uses a new design style, just as the brand recently released some other styles in general, met with precious metal material will burst out of the people can not stop the charm of the charm Excellent combination: 18k rose gold + slate gray disc surface. Warm and soft tone, contrast is clear, elegant style full, compared with the white disc table, it obviously has another unique charm, and in the layout also appears more compact texture. 12 points at the use of large Roman numerals XII, also effectively enhance the entire table of decorative arts (Art-Deco) style, hand-sewn black Mississippi crocodile leather strap, with crocodile skin lined, get started Comfortable at the same time, but also highlights the wearer noble and elegant taste.

Watch the internal carrying the tourbillon movement is still with a thick “craftsman” Denton atmosphere, process standards can be perfect. Turn to the back, we can see carefully designed, with multiple polished angle (only craftsmen through the way to achieve the manual grinding, very time-consuming) table bridge plywood. Slim Geneva stripes, polished with a beveled screw head, gear chamfer, open tourbillon bracket … Geneva mark for it can be described as worthy of the name.

The last thing to say is the Tourbillon itself. It is placed in a Maltese cross-shaped frame, which is completely mirror polished process, and with a number of fine interior angle, we can imagine how such a petite parts on how complex, how delicate the process The In its forefront, a horizontal bridge makes the Tourbillon module look more impressive, why do you say, look at the outline of its half-arc, is a nightmare for the polishing process. But it is also the details of this bit by bit, so that we can identify a high-level watch excellence.

This Vacheron Constantin Malta series Tourbillon watch is equipped with Cal.2795 manual winding movement, composed of 165 components, vibration frequency of 2.5Hz, can provide 45 hours of power reserve. The middle of the pointer is used to indicate the hour, the second hand is placed in the tourbillon frame.

Replica Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon et Malte petit modèle watches
Reference: 81015 / 000R-B289
Hallmark of Geneva certified timepiece
Movement: 1400 AS caliber
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Mechanical, manual-winding
Diameter: 20.65 mm (9 ” ‘)
Thickness: 2.60 mm
Power reserve: Approximately 40 hours
Frequency: 4 Hz (28.800 vibrations / hour)
Components: 98
Jewels: 20
Indications: Hours, minutes
Small seconds at 6 o’clock
Case: 18K 5N pink gold
Diameter: 28.40 x 38.70 mm
Thickness: 7.72 mm

Mother’s day gift – Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch

Mother, like a moon in the night sky, light and soft as satin, the soul is like a hot lamp. She is the courage to bear a good, time to witness a great. When the identity of the mother back to the women themselves, independence and elegance will become their excellent style.

Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch will be the mother of the fruitful condensed in the exquisite mechanical masterpiece for contemporary women presented a unique wrist medal. Soul moon phase watch by satin polished, with a signature 42 mm barrel barrel case, from 48 diamond finishing, modeling lines smooth, tenderness like water, for the watch to add a trace of Smart. Clearly sapphire mirror, the hollow dial at a glance, mechanical operation complex and orderly, superb craftsmanship to show a firm new era maternal feelings: watch for the two-pin style, the central pointer to indicate hours and minutes, 9 o’clock position with a small Second hand shows, between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock position with a large calendar display device, a variety of small dial between the independent, but hidden association, as if the contemporary mother has multiple identities, window window, in different Free to switch between social roles. Sandblasted moon phase disk at 6 o’clock position, every two lunar month to complete a cycle, month rose month, out of the sun and the moon glory of the ring.

Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch Titanium diamond and gold inlaid two models, the whole are given the same color, at one go, creating a harmonious fashion and texture of the unity of the atmosphere and simple metropolis style.

Modern appearance, sincere heart, light the beauty of women.

Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch
#Brand: Hublot
#Series: Spirit of Big Bang
#Movement Type: Automatic
#Watch Diameter: 45mm
#Case Thickness: 15.1mm
#Case Material: Sapphire
#Dial Color: Sapphire Crystal
#Case Shape: Round
#Bezel: Polished Sapphire Crystal with 6 H-shaped Titanium Screws
#Glass: Sapphire
#Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle Clasp
#Strap Material: Sapphire
#Clasp Material: Titanium
# Water-resistant: 50 Meters

Replica Piaget Altiplano Tourbillon High Jewellery

2017 is the sith anniversary of the birth of Piaget Altiplano, so this year’s Piaget table new around the theme, and the finale of the drama is this Tourbillon. Altiplano in the past to simple for the United States, the style is more than a simple two-pin three-pin dress table, or else is the craft type of watches, a few years ago launched chronograph is rare, the Tourbillon is the first time the series , In addition to the full meaning of the symbol, the contents of the watch itself for the familiar Earl movement who also have many details to explore.

Piaget Tourbillon representative model is 600P, which is the early twenty-first century brand in order to professional watchmaking in the field occupies an important place and research and development of flagship product, after this movement installed a variety of additional features, also used in The count of the brand’s different series; the other side of the count also had the movement of the Tourbillon module transplanted to other basic movement, such as the relative Tourbillon 608P or ultra-thin automatic Tourbillon 1270P, movement of the Tuo Flywheel institutions are from this.

This is equipped with the 670P movement from the model point of view it belongs to the 600P sequence, Tourbillon module appearance is also exactly the same with the 600P system, but its surface configuration is very different with the 600P system, Tourbillon moved from 12 o’clock to 2 points, hours Also changed from the center to 8 points eccentric display. Earl was very good at the same wheel after the dismantling of the re-assembled into a new movement, which is basically in the use of this know-how, but this time it is that it finally broke the 600P system square pattern, The movement of the base of the plywood into a round, and therefore turned over the table back is no longer a real bottom cover, but generous with the shape of the movement with the case exposed to the out.

Replica Piaget Altiplano Tourbillon High Jewellery
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Piaget
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – scratch-resistant-sappphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Buckle
#Case material – White gold
#Case diameter – 40
#Case Thickness – 6
#Band Material – Alligator leather
#Band length – Men’s Standard
#Band width – 20
#Band Color – Black
#Dial color – Black
#Bezel material – White gold
#Special features – Water Resistant
#Movement – Mechanical hand wind
#Water resistant depth – 99 Feet