2017 Red Dot Product Design Award – Replica Rado Ceramica

Rado’s iconic Ceramica holistic ceramic series won the 2017 Red Dot Product Design Award, which once again demonstrates the brand in its cutting-edge design and material field of excellence.

Swiss pioneer watch brand Rado last year again introduced Ceramica overall ceramic series watch, this highly iconic classic time glory rebirth, in the watch industry set off a wave of upsurge. Together with the famous industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, the brand re-interpretation of its outstanding geometric design, giving it a more modern appearance, consistent with the new era of aesthetic ideas. With the red dot product design award affirmed, Ceramica overall ceramic series for the award-winning Rado icing on the cake.

Style modern, cool full
The iconic watch designed by Constantine Gecech, with its velvety blasting surface and the creative layout of the dial stand out. “In my opinion, matte surface treatment can make the shape of the watch to be more intense show.” Geqieqi said, “watch dial design personality bold, clear and easy to read. I draw inspiration from the pilot watch I really like these watch simple, clear appearance.

As its name, Ceramica overall ceramic series watch to high-tech ceramic material to build, the material with its excellent characteristics by many high-end watchmakers of all ages. The progress of the technology, combined with the design vision of Constantine Gecech, has led to the glorious new life of this wonderful high-tech ceramic watch series, which has been reflected in the new series of Ceramica’s new series of 20 watches. Ceramica overall ceramic series of new watches for the first time equipped with automatic mechanical movement, and the use of gray high-tech ceramic material.

Replica Rado Ceramica Konstantin Grcic Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Rado
#Item Shape Round
#Dial window material type anti reflective
#Display Type Analog
#Clasp Push-Button Clasp
#Case material Ceramic
#Case diameter 35 millimeters
#Case Thickness 11 millimeters
#Band Material Ceramic
#Band length Men’s Extra Long
#Band width 35 millimeters
#Band Color Black
#Dial color Black
#Bezel material Ceramic
#Bezel function Stationary
#Calendar Date
#Special features Water Resistant
#Item weight 16 Ounces
#Movement Quartz
#Water resistant depth 99 Feet

Full of personality – Replica Rado True Thinline watch

Since its inception, Rado to create a rich and lasting beauty of the watch as their duty, this lofty mission to promote the brand pioneering high-tech ceramic materials used in the watch industry, the achievements of a lot of companions can be accompanied by a masterpiece of life. Rado’s high-tech ceramic material has excellent hardness and extraordinary lightness, highly regarded by senior watchmakers, but also offers seven kinds of charming colors to choose from, so that the wearer can fully show the personality style.

Thanks to the brand innovation design and material use concept, Rado in 1986 introduced the Integral precision ceramic series watch, it is the brand history of the first high-tech ceramic watch series, watch equipped with black polished high-tech ceramics Central chain, bringing warm and pleasant touch. Since then, the continuous progress of technology for high-tech ceramic watch design to create a new world, and Rado as a material pioneer, to achieve the innovation again and again. Today, Rado high-tech ceramic watch has a stylish polished or matte style optional, and the color combination is also expanding: from the initial black, to the immaculate white, cool gray, shiny metallic shiny plasma, chocolate Brown, midnight blue and British racing green.

With the introduction of four color watches this year, Rado True Thinline series of thin film to become the first Rado brand contains all seven colors of high-tech ceramic timepieces series. The new color watch has the same excellent features as Rado’s other high-tech ceramic watches. High-tech ceramic watch not only has a low allergic characteristics, but also extraordinary hardness and ultimate light of the ingenious combination of its hardness is close to 5 times the hardness of steel, while the weight is light about 25%.

The birth of high – tech ceramic timepieces
High-tech ceramic watch made of ultra-fine zirconia powder, and paint mixed with each other to create the appropriate color, and at very high pressure was injected into the precision molds. High-tech ceramic components in the temperature up to 1450 ° C high-tech furnace sintering, and ultimately created a color high-tech ceramic watch. Zirconia and color pigments are fused in this process. Ceramic parts after high temperature treatment, the volume has been reduced and gradually reached a fully dense state, while showing a beautiful color. After a few days of surface treatment process, the watch will be given a dazzling shiny glossy or exquisite matte effect.

Rado plasma high-tech ceramic watch production process and other high-tech ceramic watch is different, the process did not add any color pigments, but by virtue of cutting-edge material processing technology to achieve. In special furnaces with temperatures up to 20,000 ° C, plasma column-activated gases penetrate high-tech ceramics, altering the composition of high-tech ceramic surfaces. The final white is converted to a plasma color – a unique metallic gray that does not contain any metal elements.

Achieving the consistency of high-tech ceramic colors is always a huge technical challenge, but Rado through the superb professional and technical to ensure that each batch of product color can show the same color, so that the fear of the past tense. Today, Rado has successfully created seven high-tech ceramic colors, once again highlight the brand excellence of material master status.

Replica Rado True Thinline watch
#Size – 40.0
#Movement – Quartz
#Case & Bezel – High-tech ceramic
#Bracelet – Fabric
#Dial – Coloured
#Crystal – Sapphire crystal
#Water resistance – Water-resistant 5 bar (50 m)
#Pic-code – R27233316
#Reference number – 01.115.0233.3.131

Replicaclock.co Review – A Potentially Sizable Replica Watches Online Shop

I have kept on the Google search site on a daily imitation brand watches, also had bought several watches on top. If you do not mind the quality, focus only on the appearance of the logo, just a website that can make you very productive. But we can not buy things so casually, we should pay more attention to quality! Well, I’ve been looking for a reputable high quality watch website, now we take a look at replicaclock.co review:

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Just open an IWC watch, here I must say that many brands this site, there are good and bad, people are not easy to find a popular brand, but offers more choices.


Which provides a 8 High-definition pictures without a watermark. Even if the picture a little too crowded, but the picture has a good consistency, so I do not think these photos are from other sites “borrowing.” In any case, pictures are not very descriptive, I also like to see action, unfortunately unavailable photograph. A description of each site is also similar. But the price is lower than other stores that product the following are “CUSTOMERS WHO BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT ALSO PURCHASED …”, in fact, similar products.

Overall, I don’t think is this the best site to buy a replica watch, but this replica watches site has great potential, might be considered a replicas of the site is a reliable one is real. If so, it is worth considering a site, because of its low prices. My advice is to be careful before ordering anything here, be sure to promptly contact the staff actually made a purchase. If you have questions about the experience of this website, please leave your comments below, because I’m curious to know what this site is all about. Until next time, do not forget to look at my watch comment.


Getting an Annual Bonus – Replica Rado DiaMaster watches

Replica Rado watches DiaMaster series sweep second hand Year 2015 was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award, is the award-winning Rado icing on the cake.


Replica Rado DiaMaster series second hand watch is a unique large classic gentleman style watch: has two overlapping sub-dial on the dial, a display hours and minutes, another display seconds. Striking 43 mm dial with luxurious texture of embossed leather strap, the classic fashion firmly tied to the wrist.

Replica Rado DiaMaster series of big second hand watch not only have superior appearance, but also demonstrates the Rado for material control. DiaMaster drill Pa series sweep second hand watch case crafted from the iconic Rado high-tech ceramic material plasma from the material by the Rado first used in the watchmaking industry.

Material Master

In the Rado high-tech ceramic plasma process, the white ceramic components have been placed in a plasma formed a special furnace at temperatures up to 20,000 ° C after the gas is activated to change the molecular structure of the material surface to the surface exudes a unique The metallic luster. In this cutting-edge technology, a shining metallic luster Rado retains all the advantages of high-tech ceramic materials – easy to wear, lightweight, hypoallergenic. Plasma dazzling diamond case surrounded DiaMaster large second hand Pa series chic big dial watch, not only make the watch itself, and even more show the unique qualities of the wearer.

Following the Rado high-tech ceramic HyperChrome Opteron-series touch dual time zone watch in 2014 won three awards in a row after the year 2015 Good Design Award is Rado recent gains in the fourth design award.

About Rado

Rado watch brand is world-renowned for its innovative design and its revolutionary use of materials known, aims to create easy to wear watches. Novo in Switzerland from the beginning of creation, Rado pioneering spirit always have, to date, still uphold “If we can imagine, that can create; if we create, that is able to achieve” brand philosophy.

The focus is on the design of Rado integral to the success of a major factor, the brand’s unique industrial design has so far received over 30 international awards recognition. Rado has been focused on product design and its features easy to wear, is committed to using distinctive revolutionary material, to create long-lasting shine watch.

About Good Design Award

Good Design is a renowned long-term annual design awards, co-organized by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European architecture, art and research center of the city. The iconic award in 1950 by renowned architect Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. founded in Chicago. GoodDesign covering Europe, Asia, North America and South America a new design and production of consumer products.