Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire Red and Blue

As the Swiss top watch brand Hublot original philosophy, “fusion of art” laid the brand’s unique style, so that uphold the rigorous watchmaking tradition at the same time, Bocaizhongchang, and constantly create a new classic. In order to maintain a steady stream of creativity, as early as 2010 Hublot will invest heavily in basic research and development, and in 2012 in the Swiss Nion watch factory set up an independent foundry and dedicated to achieve the “fusion of art” metallurgy and material Departments to support the brand in the material and high complexity of the field of breakthrough ideas. Today, the concept of “fusion art” has been integrated into all aspects of brand management, and its expression beyond the material itself, passing the extraordinary corporate culture. June 2017, Hublot with the latest R & D results arrived in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, three places, hereby preview of the new table in Basel, for everyone to offer a new style of watch.

In 2017, Hublot on the road to climb the peak constantly. From the material to the color, from machinery to fashion, Hublot have brought a new surprise in the watch industry blowing a pilot of the wind. Material, Hublot innovation sapphire crystal instability of the shackles of technology, the success of creating color sapphire case, which is the first watch industry for the first time using color sapphire crystal to create the watch! Big Bang Unico blue sapphire watch thus shocked appearance, the middle case, bezel and table back are cut from the blue piece of blue sapphire crystal. Second, Hublot following the “all black” concept, the pursuit of All Clear series, and then lift the watch new wave. Big Bang soul series sapphire watch classic barrel-shaped case extremely transparent, clear, clear, pure, minimalist style was born.

In the high complexity of the function, Hublot oath in breaking the limits of multi-axis Tourbillon watch, handed down for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch with wonderful ideas, in ensuring the stability of the dual-track tourbillon under the premise of creating a suspension Of the visual effects, and to the original case 100% highlights the mystery of the movement, the beauty of the machine respected to the extreme, handed down for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch come out, once again proved Hublot in the top watchmaking super Strong strength! Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon chronograph watch pure Ferrari descent, designed by the Ferrari professional team, Hublot watch team to achieve, making the whole watch as a sports car as strong and flexible, it is a microcosm of advanced tabulation.

Fashion area, has been widely acclaimed Hublot and Paris century footwear family Berluti joint re-push new work, the first introduction of the timing function, the introduction of the classic fusion timing Berluti watch, so Berluti originality Patina ancient art and Hublot creative unlimited tabulation Talent perfect fusion. Hublot and Italia Independent Independent Italian cooperation since 2014, the new classic fusion time independent Italian watch and Big Bang One Click “independent Italian” watch to the elegant men and modern women pay tribute to the watch to change the Fashion new look. Accompanied by the summer of the dense light and colorful colors, Big Bang soul series moon phase watch the glamor of the moon into the colorful colors of the season, to explore the different personality of the hearts of women happy password.

In addition, Hublot continues to focus on charity, with the famous British electronic band Depeche Mode grand release Big Bang Unico Depeche Mode watch, the proceeds of this watch will be donated to the World Charity Water Foundation to help clean and safe drinking water To bring development to China.

Hublot general manager of Greater China Loic Biver said: “Hublot adhere to the concept of integration, we kept creating a new Swiss watchmaking process of thinking for the brand to bring a richer visual symbols.As a modern watch brand, I hope that more people can enjoy the innovative technology of Hublot, so that we feel the unique charm of Hublot.

In the deep understanding of the traditional and distant vision between the future, Hublot cleverly build a fusion model, never fight first.

Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire Red and Blue
2017, the Swiss top watch brand Hublot sapphire and metal perfect fusion for the Big Bang series to create a unique blue transparent sapphire case, which is the first watch industry for the first time using color sapphire crystal to create the watch.

The first innovation: 2016, Hublot subversion sapphire in the watch industry application model
Sapphire has a hard wear and complete permeability of the characteristics, however, in the manufacturing is extremely difficult, Hublot is the first production of the watch industry production sapphire case brand. Nine’s watch factory and its metallurgical departments continue to innovate, open up a new territory.

The second innovation: 2017, the new technological innovation – Hublot sapphire new initiative
Synthetic color sapphire technology was born in 1902, was born by the French chemist Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil invented, but because the crystallization process is very unstable, even if the production is also difficult to obtain similar color sapphire, so far sapphire crystal melting Is a complex and unpredictable process. Not only that, the production of Big Bang sapphire case in the process, the material is prone to bubbles and cracks. But the biggest challenge is the size of sapphire, after the world has never produced more than 2 kg of color sapphire. However, today, through the continuous breakthrough in engineering and chemical limits, to create a very complex and costly new technology, Hublot successfully developed a large size, crystal clear, uniform color sapphire crystal. Hublot combines raw alumina (Al2O3) with transition metal chromium (Cr) to 2000-2050 degrees Celsius, which crystallizes into perfect color sapphires, preserving all the original qualities of sapphire material, including ultra-wearable high hardness and Completely transparent permeability. This technology to create a sapphire material color – watch the history of the first blue sapphire watch.

Replica Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph 70 Years

And Ferrari 70th anniversary of the glory of the moment, the Swiss top watch brand Hublot and partners famous Italian brand Ferrari work together to create exquisite watch series. Ferrari will be the design process for the watch car, and then by Hublot precision re-creation, jointly launched Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary of the tourbillon chronograph watch. In this connection, Hublot and Ferrari’s powerful combination opened a new chapter. Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon chronograph watch grand launch three versions: Wang Jin, PEEK carbon fiber, and titanium. Each of the limited edition of 70 pieces, for the noble collection and health.

“Ferrari focused design, Hublot is committed to precision manufacturing” – this is Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary of the tourbillon chronograph watch the birth of the basic principles. The new watch of the collective creation trip from Maranello’s Ferrari departure, in Hublot’s Swiss Nyon watch factory came to an end, it combines the extraordinary strength, excellent performance and quick sensitivity and other characteristics, heritage Ferrari spirit, and ultimately by the Hublot system Table factory to build complete, heavy debut, called the car and watch the perfect combination of traditional.
Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary of the tourbillon chronograph watch Ferrari in the design director Flavio Manzoni (Flavio Manzoni) under the leadership of the Ferrari development of sports car creative process design watch. Thus, the watch and from the Maranello super sports car the same strain, with pure Ferrari descent. Designers to watch “engine” – movement as a starting point, around the core swaying free inspiration, design performance watch “chassis.” Adhering to the essence of the Ferrari sports car, watch also uses the lattice structure, providing superior strength at the same time, to ensure that the light texture, worthy of the watch world unique initiative.

“The design of the 70-year-old Tourbillon watch is always focused on performance, and the location of each part has been carefully designed,” explains Flavio Manzoni. Dial the black structure equipped with chronograph dial to ensure clear and clear reading. Crown at 4 o’clock position, embedded black PVD titanium inserts, to Ferrari famous horses marked the finishing touch. Watch size significantly reduced, more and more dynamic movement. Red button design ingenuity, more ergonomic, bringing the ultimate operating experience, driving can also be easy to operate.

Hublot watch factory Ferrari’s research results and unique design into reality. Hublot application engineering, materials science and tabulation process of professional skills, the successful realization of the Ferrari aesthetic ideas and technical ideas. In the end, both the Ferrari spirit and the Hublot soul of the watch came into being: the case consists of three parts of the module structure – the outer frame, the middle of the skeleton, the back cover parts, like a dream Ferrari sports car. In addition to Wang Jin and Titanium two options, the Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon watch also boldly launched PEEK carbon fiber version. This multi-layer high-resistant materials using long carbon fiber to build, extremely durable and durable, for the degree of hollow so high watch structure is essential. Novel ideas not only this, the watch specially designed two horizontal buttons, so that strap replacement easier and convenient, while significantly enhance the security. Horizontal button is also the famous P485 Ferrari red shine show, continuation of the Ferrari watch parts of the consistent style. Case cover with black engraved “Limited Edition, No.XX / 70” limited edition, sapphire back is highlighted “Ferrari 70 anniversary” to commemorate the words.

Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon chronograph watch is not only faithful to the design philosophy of Ferrari, it is a microcosm of advanced tabulation. Tribute pure Ferrari descent, the watch equipped with a Hublot independent design and development of the tourbillon chronograph movement: the new HUB6311 manual winding movement, composed of 253 parts, with proud 5-day power reserve. Single-button timer, with innovative lever technology to achieve a key “start – stop – restart” three functions, boarded the eyes of professionals in the eyes of the clock watch. Anodized aluminum lever is also the same as the Ferrari red, square inch blooming sports car speeding charm.

Watch exquisite “engine” by ruthenium treatment, showing a high-quality black and gray texture, stunning Tourbillon through the dial clearly visible, but also highlights the movement of the Zhuoer Buqun. The exquisite structure of the watch shows both the visual beauty of the flying tourbillon, and the two axes to ensure its stable operation. The sapphire mirror is almost completely transparent, located on the tourbillon bracket and supports the upper half of the tourbillon through the watch bridge, rotating once every minute, the achievement of “visual beauty” and “stable operation” win-win.

Ferrari logo at 9 o’clock position, Hublot logo at 5 o’clock position, each other. Through the sapphire dial, exquisite mechanical glance, the external bulge is carrying a timer. Matt black time display disc designed by the Ferrari, attached to the sapphire crystal above. Inspired by the dual half-second timer in the sports car race at 3 o’clock, the minute timer is at 11 o’clock and the column is at 1 o’clock. Column wheel has a section coupling, is the essence of excellence timing.

Replacement of high-tech black natural rubber strap with PVD coated titanium folding clasp to Wang Jin, PEEK carbon fiber or titanium inserts to be decorated, while engraved Hublot logo.

As a sports car design master and senior watch brand close cooperation in the unique results, Techframe Ferrari watch marks the Ferrari and Hublot powerful combination officially entered a new era. There are three versions of the watch to choose from: Wang Jin, PEEK carbon fiber and titanium, the limited 70, distinguished collection, came into being.

Replica Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph watches
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Hublot
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Sapphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Case diameter – 45 millimeters
#Band Material – Rubber
#Band Color – Black
#Dial color – Skeleton
#Bezel material – Fixed Black Ceramic
#Special features – Skeleton Dial
#Item weight – 4.64 Ounces
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 100 Meters

Mother’s day gift – Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch

Mother, like a moon in the night sky, light and soft as satin, the soul is like a hot lamp. She is the courage to bear a good, time to witness a great. When the identity of the mother back to the women themselves, independence and elegance will become their excellent style.

Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch will be the mother of the fruitful condensed in the exquisite mechanical masterpiece for contemporary women presented a unique wrist medal. Soul moon phase watch by satin polished, with a signature 42 mm barrel barrel case, from 48 diamond finishing, modeling lines smooth, tenderness like water, for the watch to add a trace of Smart. Clearly sapphire mirror, the hollow dial at a glance, mechanical operation complex and orderly, superb craftsmanship to show a firm new era maternal feelings: watch for the two-pin style, the central pointer to indicate hours and minutes, 9 o’clock position with a small Second hand shows, between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock position with a large calendar display device, a variety of small dial between the independent, but hidden association, as if the contemporary mother has multiple identities, window window, in different Free to switch between social roles. Sandblasted moon phase disk at 6 o’clock position, every two lunar month to complete a cycle, month rose month, out of the sun and the moon glory of the ring.

Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch Titanium diamond and gold inlaid two models, the whole are given the same color, at one go, creating a harmonious fashion and texture of the unity of the atmosphere and simple metropolis style.

Modern appearance, sincere heart, light the beauty of women.

Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch
#Brand: Hublot
#Series: Spirit of Big Bang
#Movement Type: Automatic
#Watch Diameter: 45mm
#Case Thickness: 15.1mm
#Case Material: Sapphire
#Dial Color: Sapphire Crystal
#Case Shape: Round
#Bezel: Polished Sapphire Crystal with 6 H-shaped Titanium Screws
#Glass: Sapphire
#Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle Clasp
#Strap Material: Sapphire
#Clasp Material: Titanium
# Water-resistant: 50 Meters

My world more colorful – Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase

HUBLOT full of love for the color, this will be blue, purple, orange and pink into the new Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch. Matching straps, quartz dials, sandblasted moon discs, pointers, time readings and gemstone inlaid bezels are given the same color, for this monochrome watch series to create a lifelike visual tone.

Belonging to the summer of the dense light and colorful colors are always fascinated by people. Hublot combined, the glamor of the moon into the colorful colors: the dark blue for the tannin lovers; purple is eye-catching, but hidden in the mysterious moonlight; orange vibrant, people Can not remember the moment of joy; pink like a rose-like dream, showing a sense of abundance of happiness.

Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase Watch has an iconic 42mm drum-type case, the wearer can be clearly observed through the sapphire mirror precision HUB1770 automatic winding hollow movement. The watch dial is upgraded to high temperature fused silica (SiO2) and alumina (Ai2O3) quartz, quartz through the “rare earth material” mixture for coloring. Dial Mohs hardness index of 7, it is easy to see that if you want to complete such a dial, the special cutting technology and material development of the mastery is indispensable.

Monochrome style extends to every detail: translucent sandblasted dial shows two rounds of alternating moon patterns, the moon pattern covered with the corresponding tone. The distinctive colors make the fascinating moon phase change even more compelling. The moon disc runs at 6 o’clock and completes every two lunar months.

Watch for the two-pin style, the central pointer to indicate hours and minutes, 9 o’clock position with independent small seconds, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock position between the large calendar display device. Titanium or gold table body alternately polished, satin brushed and other technology, changing the details of thousands of memorable, highlighting the sense of the geometry of the watch. Bezel set with 48 blue, orange or pink sapphires, or amethyst. Strap with the same color short crocodile skin lined with black natural rubber. Water depth of about 100 meters underwater, power reserve up to 50 hours.

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I have kept on the Google search site on a daily imitation brand watches, also had bought several watches on top. If you do not mind the quality, focus only on the appearance of the logo, just a website that can make you very productive. But we can not buy things so casually, we should pay more attention to quality! Well, I’ve been looking for a reputable high quality watch website, now we take a look at review:

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